Why Him by BrandonGregory (Self-released single)

Only in the age of Myspace and Itunes could a 15-year-old with a good amount of talent and drive find a way to get his music out there for everyone to hear. BrandonGregory from Norwich, CT is the young artist we speak of, and he’s certainly done a commendable job with his first single – a hip-hop song about the pure angst of breaking up and being left behind entitled Why Him. And while Brandon is definitely a novice, there is no denying how ultimately heartfelt and wildly infectious this tune is.

Why Him could be marketable to the peeps who like artists ranging from Justin Timberlake to Justin Bieber. Brandon has terrific rhythm and the right amount of emotion in his voice, rendering the song tremendously effective. When the chorus arrives – “Who’s gonna be there to last forever, he doesn’t really care if you stay together,” – the track really comes together with a perfect flow and energy that is completely winning.

“Coulda been my baby, coulda been magic, it’s almost like you hate me, it’s gonna end tragic,” says the beat poet Gregory, supplying an interestingly ominous tone towards the conclusion.  With a definite knack for lyrical imagery combined with the right combination of sincerity and conviction, BrandonGregory is sure to win fans over of all ages. Why Him is an impressive beginning for an artist destined to grow into a talent to be reckoned with as the years go by. Further sampling of BrandonGregory’s work may be found on his Myspace…

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

BrandonGregory on Myspace

  1. Kelly Alsgaard 9 years ago

    Wow already been reviewed and he is only 15 wow I’M IMPRESSED 😀 I love his music

  2. Tyler Daniels 9 years ago

    Woohoo go brandonnnn!!! dont forget me haha

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