Brandon Moore

Come Away / The Best Feeling by Brandon Moore (Self released single)

Websites such as Myspace and Itunes have certainly made it a lot easier for talented musicians of all ages to showcase their art to the world at large. One such performer beginning to make a name for himself is Brandon Moore of Stanford, Kentucky, who recently released his debut single on the Itunes network entitled Come Away. Brandon Moore may only be 13 years of age, but he is definitely not a novice when it comes to music. Starting off with guitar at the tender age of 5, Brandon performs every single instrument you hear on Come Away, and it’s all recorded with a wondrous, atmospheric flair.

Come Away is a hauntingly heartfelt tune, sung with an emotional subtlety and maturity that one does not typically expect from an artist so young. The lyrics are somber and filled with sadness and melancholy. As a first release, this single illustrates a remarkable promise from an acutely perceptive songwriter. On the other hand, The Best Feeling is a wistfully romantic track that should really gain Brandon a good deal of attention. A newer song that Brandon should be releasing on Itunes soon, The Best Feeling is a sentimental look at a newly found love that is highly memorable.

With two tracks this impressive, it will be exciting to see what the future has in store for Brandon Moore. Currently working on an EP for a projected summer release, it won’t be long until Moore finds an audience beyond the confines of his Myspace page. It is admirably to see a young artist not copying the latest trends and finding his own voice through the art of music. Unlike the doomed characters found in Come Away, the future for the song’s author looks very bright indeed…

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

Brandon Moore on Myspace


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