Brokencyde Release Video For “Still The King” From New Album “Guilty Pleasure”

Albuquerque, NM-based crunk outfit Brokencyde have premiered their new video for “Still The King” from their new album “Guilty Pleasure” online at Brokencyde’s new album is set to feature guest appearances from Paul Wall, Tre Nyce, and UnderRated from Potluck and will land in Hot Topic stores and digital retailers on November 8th, 2011.

“Just another day in the life of Brokencyde. A complete fucking nightmare, straitjacketed and tortured by evil blood-spewing nurses in an abandoned psych ward,” said Se7en from Brokencyde. “It was fun as hell to shoot and came out amazing. Everyone should show it to their mom and dad so they can see where all their hard-earned dollars are going!”

Variety and diversity is what makes the world interesting, and every musical diet should have its share of “Guilty Pleasure“, which is why Brokencyde are serving up a crunk smorgasbord with the release of their new album of the same name. The ferocious aggression and guttural screams that became the trademark of Brokencyde’s early work takes a back-seat to the head nodding beats and brash bravado that fuel the group’s Crunk hip-hop sound on “Guilty Pleasure”. For this album Brokencyde called in hip-hop heavyweights Paul Wall (aka The People’s Champ), Tre Nyce, and UnderRated from Potluck to infuse the album with the proper amount of intoxicating hip-hop swagger.


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