The Full Speed Ahead Sounds of Broken Ride

Broken Ride is a rockin’ band from Calgary whose dynamic tunes and energetic live shows has made them well known all across Canada.  Their album Everything Considered is sure to appeal to fans of such bands as Breaking Benjamin and Three Doors Down.  Performing their songs with a good deal of passion and intensity, Broken Ride is sure to make inroads and travel great highways all across the world in no time at all.  And now hop inside and rev up the engine as we explore the full ahead sounds of Broken Ride.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Broken Ride, and how long the band has been together.
– How’s it goin Los Angeles?! I’m Graham Furber and I am the vocals for the Ride & we are going on year 5 !!

Where is the band based out of and what is your local music scene We are currently based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Calgary music scene isn’t the greatest for up an coming bands, there just isn’t enough venues and love for live original music here. However there are so many great bands and musicians that come out of Calgary, its almost a catch 22.
For bands that have come out of Calgary, The Dudes are fantastic, & King Dylan is a great act also with sort of a commercial alternative/hiphop sound!.. Just some of who we’ve played with!

Is there any story or concept behind the CD title Everything Considered?
Well for us the title was a symbol for what’s to come! Everything Considered also means, “forever”,”everlasting” or “for all time”.. So that represents our band! We have been doing this since we were all 15 and we aren’t going to stop til our fans bring us to the top.. Also, it just has a reference to life, as in considering everything before u do something.. That is us with music.. It was a fork in the road.. It was either get a career, and focus on that, or follow the dream and passion of music and hope for the best!!

Select two songs from Everything Considered and what inspired the lyrics.
Oh geez, this is gonna be a novel hah..

Wreckless Hearts – This song is a retrospective look from both sides of a relationship..  Someone who is knowingly going to break the other person’s heart, and someone having their heart being torn in two. Basically how hard it is and how neither of them actually can wrap their heads around why it happened.

In Gods Hands – To us this song was expressing how hard it is to lose someone you love! It was inspired by myself and Darren losing our Best friend in a car accident on the night we were with him!.. After losing someone so close to you, it’s nice to have experiences that seem very out of this world!!

What could one expect from a live Broken Ride show?
The Broken Ride live show is very full of energy, emotion and it’s a lot of fun!! We’ve been told so many times we sound better live than on our album!! So expect that!

Has Broken Ride played in the Los Angeles area or plan to do so in the future?
We have not yet played Los Angeles but wow would we love to!! We are touring for 2 months in March & April 2012, so let’s make it happen!

To you, what has been the very best and worst part about touring and being on the road?
Well the best part of being on the road, is that you’re doing what you love & playing shows every night or every other night, and every city is different and every fan is different! Its a great feeling being able to touch people with your music and live performances. The worst part of being on the road, is the length of time you’re gone for, being away from the people you love . Not to mention your eating and sleeping routine isn’t very good at all lol!

Are there any strange or unusual road stories that you could share?
On our most recent eastern Canadian tour, our Bus broke down days before we were set to leave, so we had to rent an RV…..with BC plates. So in the first 6 hours we got pulled over twice and searched and then the next morning once again. I haven’t the slightest clue why they’d search a bunch of guys in an RV with “BC” plates who say they’re a band haha!

What was it like opening for Seether and did you get to meet or hang out with them at all?
Seether is unreal live! Just for the record! It was a great time, gave us so much more energy than usual, which is hard to beat. And we didn’t get to chat with them really but you can tell they’re all great guys, and like to have fun! It was cool that they stuck around in the crowd and watched the other bands play!

Since Everything Considered was released back in March, how close are you to writing and releasing all new material?
We have so many new songs right now we could put out 2 albums.. Or go vintage and do a double disk. ..but we’re gonna push this for a while and release a few videos. Also we’re going to record and release a few new tracks, for iTunes and download cards! Amazing new material, just constantly wanting to get it out there!

Any final words of wisdom?
If you haven’t picked up the album or been to one of our live shows, please do so!! You will be very pleased you did! We love all of our fans and are so grateful that we are able to do this!!

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! Hope to see your band here in Los Angeles one day!
Thanks for having us!! Hope to see you all at our show in Los Angeles ready to rock!

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

In God’s Hands by BrokenRide

Wreckless Hearts by BrokenRide

Broken Ride Official Home Page
Broken Ride on Facebook

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