BROKEN TEETH release “Breaker Box” set featuring first six albums

BOX_SET_ADBROKEN TEETH release “Breaker Box” set featuring first six albums

BROKEN TEETH, the Austin, Texas based high energy hard rock band featuring iconic vocalist Jason McMaster have released “Breaker Box” set featuring the band’s first six albums, a collector patch and sticker.

Broken Teeth vocalist Jason McMaster has checked in with the following comment:

“Finally, you can get the history of Broken Teeth’s first six music releases, all in one killer box set. It is really cool to see this body of work finally see the light. This is the culmination of many years of writing, recording and playing loud, hard and aggressive kick ass rock n roll. We are very proud of being a true rock band for the past 17 years. This is a celebration of just that.”

“Breaker Box”

Broken Teeth (Self Titled) (1999)
1. She’s Gonna Blow
2. Undertaker
3. Two Time Lover
4. Trippin’ Over A Bone
5. Stick It In
6. El Diablo
7. Some Kinda’ Loser
8. Hooray
9. Pull The Plug
10. Who Turned Out The Lights

Guilty Pleasure (2002)
1. Guilty Pleasure
2. Devil Money
3. Hangin’ By The Skin
4. Crashlanding Affair
5. Down To The Fire
6. Second Hand
7. High On Danger
8. Shangri-La
9. She Dances Evil
10. Chaingang
11. Happy End

Blood on the Radio (Live) (2004)
1. She’s Gonna Blow
2. Pull The Plug
3. Stick It In
4. Chaingang
5. Devil Money
6. Hangin’ By The Skin
7. Down To The Fire
8. High On Danger
9. Shangrila
10. She Dances Evil
11. Bonfire (unreleased track)
12. Undertaker
13. Crashlanding Affair
14. Guilty Pleasure
15. El Diablo
Recorded Live in 2004, “Blood On The Radio” features 15 tracks, spanning both studio albums “Broken Teeth” and “Guilty Pleasure”.

Electric (2008)
1. Roll Over
2. Electric
3. Blood On The Radio
4. Hell For Sale
5. Bonfire
6. Burns Like Love
7. She’s Gonna Blow
8. Devil Money
9. Stick It In
10. Hangin’ By The Skin
11. Undertaker
12. El Diablo

Viva La Rock, Fantastico! (2010)
1. Blackheart
2. Exploder
3. Spitting Nails
4. Dressin’ Up In Flames
5. Break The Spell
6. Twister
7. Back On The Road
8. All Hail The Altar
9. Get Outta Here Alive
10. Bullet
11. Viva La Rock, Fantastico!
12. Big Spender
13. Ride Upon Glory
The album features guest vocals by Canadian rock-n-roll killer, Danko Jones on the album’s title track as well as the barnstormer, “Big Spender.” .

Devil on the Road (2013)
1. Roll Over
2. Stick It In
3. Exploder
4. All Hail The Altar
5. Bullet
6. D.O.T.R.
7. Break The Spell
8. Electric
9. Blackheart
10. Spitting Nails
11. Viva La Rock, Fantastico!
12. Undertaker
13. El Diablo
Broken Teeth’s greatest hits from hell. Songs from the Electric and the Viva La Rock, Fantastico! releases, mixed up, along with the single for Devil on the Road.

Broken Teeth “Breaker Box” set purchase link

Broken Teeth released their latest critically acclaimed seventh full length recording “Bulldozer” in October 2015 on both cd and vinyl via Texas Metal Underground (TMU) Records.

Broken Teeth continue their mission to bring high-voltage doses of heavy, no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll to all the people of the world.

If you bow at the altar of AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and Rhino Bucket, you’re gonna scream for Broken Teeth!”

For the latest band news and show dates, visit their official website:
Official Broken Teeth website


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