BulletBoys at The Whisky

Matq Torien of the BulletBoys

Matq Torien of the BulletBoys

BulletBoys, The Hard Way, Brittney’s Rage, The Whisky, June 24, 2016

If you were not able to see the BulletBoys back in their major label heyday, absolutely no worries, because in the year 2016, founder Marq Torien and his bandmates present a collective at their very height of creativity, passion and resourcefulness.  Their current album Elefante’ shows a band in their finest hour, delivering timeless rock and roll with a good deal of skill and depth.

It should come to no surprise that the BulletBoys are playing so many of these new songs live, and witnessing just how well these tunes mix in with the wonderful classics the Los Angeles based band has been playing for years.

In addition to a stunning performance from this much revered band, amongst the opening acts were the wild rocking bad boys of The Hard Way and the sensational up-and-coming Brittney’s Rage.  Certainly an epic night at the world famous Whisky to be sure!

And it was so wonderful to see an audience showing up early to support our local talent, as well as rocking hard and heavy to the massive sonic artillery of the BulletBoys!  Another unforgettable night on the Sunset Strip was about to commence, showing once again why Los Angeles has one of the very best music scenes on the planet.

Brittney's Rage at The Whisky

Brittney’s Rage at The Whisky

Brittney’s Rage

Brittney’s Rage has come such a long way in such a short time.  The Texas-based band has spent a good amount of time here in the City of Angels, including standout shows at the Whisky opening for bands such as Dokken, Lynch Mob and Bang Tango.  Brittney Rochelle is the front woman and namesake of the band, an exceptional talent in the grand tradition of Pat Benatar and Ann Wilson.  Ms. Rochelle certainly knows how to deliver a tune with a good deal of conviction, possessing a magnetic presence and powerhouse voice that really makes you stand up and take notice.

Equally exceptional is the driving lead guitar work of Tony Muela, who can rock your face into the stratosphere and beyond.  The entire Brittney’s Rage membership is an exciting rock and roll show to witness, featuring songs that will stay in your head long after they take leave of the stage.  The songs of Brittney’s Rage is the true sounds of perseverance, with a whole lot of party hardy that will make you want to revisit their music time and again!  Be sure to catch up with Brittney’s Rage to next time to return to rock you sweet and hard on the Sunset Strip or beyond!

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Eric Jeffreys of The Hard Way

Eric Jeffreys of The Hard Way

The Hard Way

The Hard Way has opened for just about every band you could possibly imagine, and definitely can bring on the rock and roll party to anywhere they play.  And in addition to their glorious live show and highly memorable tunes such as Diabolical Bitch and Police Brutality, The Hard Way has their very own dancers ready to add a good deal of fun and frolic to the proceedings.

Lead vocalist Eric Jeffreys is one of the hardest working front men on the scene today – a classic rock and roll front man in every sense of the term. And at the particular show opening up for the BulletBoys,  Eric was in top form, having a damn good time onstage and making sure the audience was right along with him for the hard rocking joy ride.

The musicianship found within The Hard Way is nothing short of stellar, bringing the rip roaring tunes to an ultra-vivid life.  Bands like The Hard Way keep our local music scene alive and thriving, and their shows are events not to be missed.  Always a reliable support act, expect to see The Hard Way headlining their very own shows on the Sunset Strip in no time at all.  They’ll be playing the Battle For Hair Nation at The Whisky on August 17th, so come on out and show your support for this wickedly wonderful band and the sexy Hard Way dancers!

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Nick Rozz of the BulletBoys

Nick Rozz of the BulletBoys


A live set from the BulletBoys is a rock and roll extravaganza that will excite the senses and tantalize the heart.  Opening with the raging fireworks of Rollover from the new album Elefante’, the BulletBoys instantly sent the room spinning with their spiraling musicianship and over the top and through the roof energy.  The pulsating Hard As A Rock would then ensue, followed by the devastating refrains of THC Groove from their vastly underrated album Freakshow.

An extremely memorable and poignant moment arrived when front man Marq Torien expressed his support for the LGBT community, delivering an absolutely gripping testament to the violence at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.  The tragedy of Christina Grimmie was also brought up and her short life remembered and celebrated by Torien and the crowd.  The BulletBoys then launched into a very powerful rendition of Symphony from Elefante’.  The concert would rage on, with songs such as For The Love Of Money and Smooth Up In Ya inspiring impassioned sing-alongs in the crowd.

In addition to the gloriously inspiring performance of Marq Torien bringing an electrifying presence to the Whisky stage, the BulletBoys 2016 is a remarkably solid lineup that really know how to unleash the rock and roll goodness! Nick Rozz is a fiery presence on guitar, playing with a passion and enthusiasm that is exciting to watch.  And then there’s the tremendous rhythm section assault force of bassist Chad MacDonald and Shawn Duncan driving it all home with a vengeance!  Arriving back onstage for an encore, the BulletBoys’ launched into a ferocious cover of the Elton John classic The Bitch Is Back, placing their own trademark interpretation of a very great rock and roll song.

In the so-called hair metal revival (or whatever you choose to call it), the BulletBoys clearly stand out with fantastic new songs and a mesmerizing live show!  With their recent signing to Frontier Records SRL, it will be exciting to see what the future has in store for the BulletBoys!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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