A Bullet For Pretty Boy

Symbiosis by A Bullet For Pretty Boy (Artery Recordings/Razor & Tie Records)

Based out of Longview, Texas, A Bullet For Pretty Boy continues to unleash some of the heaviest spiritual metalcore known to man. On their latest epic Symbiosis, the songs are more fully loaded than ever, with the intensity and breakdowns turned up for maximum impact. There are also thrilling musical dynamics to be found within the sonic confines of Symbiosis, showing an absolutely fearless side to the band when it comes to imagination and intrigue.

My thoughts left alone are a dangerous thing,” vocalist Danon Saylor screams out with an ominous sense of unease as Symbiosis explodes into high gear with Red Medic. Here you have it all – the metal ferocity amped up to eleven combined with thunderous breakdowns that will burn a hole right through the middle of your speakers. Forgiven Not Forgotten then sweeps into your consciousness with its compelling yet triumphant themes of overcoming a bitter darkness.

Come Clean is a blistering track of spiritual commitment that is sure to be a fan favorite when performed live. White Noise continues on with the heartfelt lyrics as well as the wondrously invigorating soundscapes. And then right smack in the middle of the album is the hypnotic instrumental artistry of Illumination, a brief respite before the devastating assault to the senses that is The Grateful Prey.

De(v)tails is absolute musical brilliance, with its emotional clean vocals merging into the most impassioned of screams. Reptilian Tongue is a short burst of exuberance that will make you want to circle pit into sheer oblivion. Then Obstruct fills the air with its dazzling programming and stunning metal guitar meanderings.

Closing out Symbiosis on an introspective note is a call to worship entitled Self-Disclosure, a staggering conclusion that is sure to inspire with its grand combination of sheer beauty and fiery brutality.

Symbiosis was skillfully produced, engineered and mixed by Zeuss at Planet Z Studios, who has worked with notable bands such as Shadows Fall, Agnostic Front, and Hatebreed. As inventive as it is profound, Symbiosis is an inspiring jolt to the senses that is sure to gain A Bullet For Pretty Boy a good deal of attention and respect.

The band recently concluded a summer run as an opener on the Scream The Prayer Tour, appearing with the likes of Demon Hunter, Emery and Sleeping Giant. With albums as compelling as Symbiosis, expect A Bullet For Pretty Boy to be aiming precisely for their own headliner tours in no time!

A Bullet for Pretty Boy is the aforementioned Danon Saylor (vocals), Derrick Sechrist (guitar), Chris Johnston (guitar) and Josh Modisette (keys).

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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