redeemingfilth1Redeeming Filth by Centinex (Agonia Records)

Centinex of Sweden: Born 1990 – Dead 2006 – Reborn 2014

Centinex has been launching sonic assaults upon the world at large since 1990, and 25 years later remain one of the most underrated death metal bands in the universe. From their diabolical beginnings with the late great Repulse Records to their breakthrough recordings with Candlelight, Centinex has unleashed solid recordings revered as underground classics.  Some of the members have been doing time in Demonical, and it’s been nearly a decade since we’ve heard any new music from the ranks of Centinex.  Redeeming Filth is the next chapter of malevolence from Centinex – as well as their first for Agonia Records – featuring 10 devastating cuts that will make you want to destroy everything in sight.

The ear splitting commences with the relentless When Bodies Are Deformed, instantly demonstrating a death metal entity at the very height of their creative madness. Moist Purple Skin then smashes into your face with a deadly precision. Death Glance fills your speakers with a slash and burn attitude, leaving no prisoners in its wake.

centinex2014_2Stone Of Choice will make you want to bang your head into the realms of oblivion of beyond. Unrestrained is heavy as hell, even while exploring dark and dirty mid-tempo terrains. Bloodraze then places the listener squarely into the depths of an utter hell, before exploding into a barrage of raging clamor. A thunderous circle pit shall ensue when this thrashing cut is performed live.

Without Motives seethes with a brutal conviction, followed by the churning refrains of Rotting Below. And then closing Redeeming The Filth out is the fiery one-two punch of Dead, Buried and Forgotten and Eyes Socket Empty, a massive pummeling that will leave all genre aficionados writhing for more!

Even at this stage of their career, Centinex find themselves releasing their most ferocious album to date with the unveiling of Redeeming Filth.  A triumphant comeback to be sure, Redeeming Filth is sure to enrapture their longtime fans as well as thrill newer converts looking to smash heads in worldwide mosh pits of destruction. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another 9 years for the next vicious Centinex manifesto to be unleashed.

Centinex is Martin Schulman on bass, Kennet Englund on drums, Sverker Widgren on guitar, and Alexander Högbom on vocals.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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