BEHIND THE WIRE by CHARIOT (High Roller Records)

Chariot is one of those near legendary underground bands that surfaced in the UK during the heralded New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) scene. They were never as well known as metal stalwarts such as Judas Priest or Saxon, but those familiar with Chariot’s output throughout the 80’s must have been in for the shock of their lives when Behind The Wire recently saw the light of day. And although the years have gone by faster than lightning, Chariot brings the time back with a staggering vengeance, and the results are guaranteed to thrill any fan of pure classic metal.

The disc kicks into high gear with the compelling title cut, guaranteed to get that head banging again. Cold, Hard, Cash is another dynamic track, showing a sheer heaviness that will send many a fist pumping in the air. Hour Of Need is a power ballad that rocks it out with highly effective guitar hero interludes. Feel The Rush is a standout cut with its classic rock guitar riffs and mighty vocalizations. The Hunger is haunting and passionate, and easily one of the best songs the band has ever recorded. Looks Deceive is a fierce anthem that is instantly memorable while bonus track Lost Inside Of Love makes you want waive that Bic lighter in the air and sing along. There are 13 lucky tracks contained within, all showing that these guys have quite a lot more to contribute to a still thriving genre.

Although Behind The Wire was originally released in 2006, the vinyl version is now available from the folks at High Roller Records. In this year of 2010, it will be exciting to see if Chariot releases newer material. Combining the days of past with a thoroughly modern sound, this Chariot is coming at you full force. One can only hope we don’t have to wait another 20 years to hear from these musicians again.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

Chariot Official Home Page

High Roller Records


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