Chryst: Beyond The Frontiers of Time and Imagination

Beyond the frontiers of time and imagination lies the enigmatic visions of Chryst.  Emerging from the ashes of Korovakill, the avant-garde metal meanderings of Chryst are as brilliant as they are demented.  Conceived by the mysterious Dr. Chrystof Niederwieser, the universe of Chryst is filled with wondrous illusions, dazzling artistry, and flying goldfish leading the way through the vast sonic corridors of oblivion.  Highwire Daze decided to dispatch a few random inquiries to Chryst in an attempt to solve the infinite marvels of time, space, and all things related to grand concepts of PhantasmaChronica.  Our testament commences…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Chryst, and how long the project has been together.
Welcome, dear reader, to a short journey into the phantastic worlds of Chryst.  Sit down, relax, and enjoy the letters and words flowing through your eyes into your brain.  I am Chryst and I am in me since I am born.

Where are you based out of and what is your local music scene like there?
Time and space are only illusions. Behind the veils of perception all times and all spaces are one. I am located there where it all comes from, the Great Entity, the Great Unity, the almighty All behind the images and illusions of the visible world. All around is only a Konstrukt of our brains – there is just light and our eyes watching it…

Why was there such a long wait between your last project and the mighty Chryst? Were you involved with any other music projects at all?
I don’ remember anymore. One day I fell asleep and ten years later I awoke again as Chryst, with a long beard of clouds that had grown out of my face during this deep slumber. People in robes surrounded me. They told me I was Chryst. And they asked me: “What has happened to KorovaKill?” KorovaKill? What is KorovaKill? I didn’t remember. They played very strange CDs to me, albums of Korova, albums of KorovaKill. They had mysterious titles: “A Kiss in the Charnel Fields” or “Dead like an Angel” or “WaterHells”…with quite weird music that seemed to come from another world.

And with each song I listened I got deeper into this strange landscape of sounds and pictures. Like a soup of light it surrounded me and finally penetrated me. And suddenly I knew: This is my mission. I have to search for the source of these strange KorovaKill-CDs. I have to go through the doors of perception into the hidden world. And there I found a mirror: KorovaKill looked into it. And out of it looked Chryst. And in a big explosion “PhantasmaChronica” was born.

Is there any story or concept behind the CD title PhantasmaChronica?
PhantasmaChronica” guides into a world beyond the frontiers of time and imagination. It gives the illusion to unveil all illusions. It reveals the chronicles behind the phantasms of the visible world that have become chronic.

It starts with the man who is cocooned in a small room, in a twilight between sleep and delirium. As he starts to turn the watch hands on his clock, suddenly he is able to manipulate time. It goes slow and fast, forwards and backwards, just like he turns the arrows of his clock. His personality splits into myriads, as it only was an illusion of time. One of him leaves the room and steps into the outside world. But also place and matter were only illusions of time. They dissolve into chaotic fluctuations of light. Finally he falls into the deepest abyss of nothingness that waits behind all these illusions. Universe Inverse – and after a moment eternity a new world is born from these voids.

From his will grows the grand city of Metatropolis. And souls from all ages gather there to build a tower into the Sky: NovoPharus – the Torch of Light. The top of the tower is a giant eye, a drilling spearhead and an omnisighted telescope at the same time. They build the tower higher and higher, further and further into the skies, into the heavens, into the darkest spheres of outer space. The tower shall discover and enlight all, always higher, always farther, always deeper into the unknown. But at the glassy edge of universe it goes no atom further. The tower drills and drills, rotates and rotates. All engines steam under maximum power. But the voids remain invincible. The tower explodes and the whole universe collapses into a single point.

And from this seed a child is born. It grows and runs out into the sweet gardens to discover the world. He finds an enticing labyrinth and decides to enter it. The giant maze grows higher. And walls of plants are becoming walls of wood. And walls of wood are becoming walls of stone. And walls of stone are becoming walls of steel, growing higher and higher, a grand city into all horizons. And at the horizon he sees a giant tower. All men are wandering there to make their fortune. And also the young man pilgrimages there. He wants to help building this tower with all force. He joins the army of workers and moves into a small room. There he falls asleep…

Who did the cover art for the album and how much input did you have on it?
Chryst did the cover artwork. Sound, melody, harmony – word, lyrics, meaning – color, picture, design – they are all just different sides of the same coin. Only in the visible world they are separated. But in hyper-reality they are all just one. They are all the same. They originate from the same source.

How “metal” is a flying goldfish and what does that entity represent on the cover and in the album?
The flying goldfish is my guiding angel, always swimming through the air behind my head, wherever I go. He dives the seas of unconsciousness. And he flies high above the world to see it all with a great distance, in ice thin lucid airs. And his flesh is pure gold as he comes out of the eternal light that manifests in gold in the visible world. And he can fluently change his scape and his matter – plasma, flesh, gas or even metal. Yes, even metal! For gold is the most noble metal of all…

Does Chryst plan on performing live and if so, would you perform the album all the way through?
Chryst performs live whenever you put the CD into your player and press play. Then Chryst and his Angels, who are very small, enter your stereo and start a live concert. They have practiced so much that they always play it perfectly. It’s stress sometimes, because so many people book us by pressing on play. But when the listener is happy we’re happy too. Unfortunately all this huge amount of live concerts in hi-fi systems doesn’t leave us any time to perform on other stages. But who cares. We’d be too small for concert halls anyway. Visitors would need a microscope to see us.

Any chance of the early Korova or KorovaKill albums being re-released? And when you look back on then, what do you think of your early work now?
It has become quite hard to find our early KOROVA/KOROVAKILL albums. Therefore my matter twin has bought all stocks available around the world and offers them via the Omniversal Store at . “A Kiss in the Charnel Fields” (1995) is still available there as limited vinyl edition. A last couple of CDs of “Dead like an Angel” and “WaterHells” you can also find there.

I still love these albums. The sound may suffer a bit from the low studio budget at the first two Korova albums. But regarding ideas they are coequal brothers of “PhantasmaChronica”.

What the strangest thing someone has said or written about your new album?
So far I’ve read many good things and many bad things about “PhantasmaChronica”, but no really strange things. Oh yes, there was this priest who wanted to cure his alopecia with “PhantasmaChronica”. He listened to it a couple of times and then a tree grew on his head.

What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most after hearing your new album for the first time?
I’d like the listener to remember all the new pictures that appear in his head while listening to “PhantasmaChronica”. The major task of this album is to dig a well into the consciousness of the listener, through which the fountains of his inner pictures stream. It’s not about Chryst. Chryst is only a key. It’s all about the listener.

What was the most difficult aspects of recording and releasing the new album?
To incarnate into the visible world Chryst needs a mortal coil. This mortal coil can only exist if it secures a constant stream of matter. This is related to certain duties that often compete with the time resources of Chryst. So while writing and recording the album itself was quite easy, securing the frame conditions to let it flow was much more difficult than defending a castle during barbarian migration.

Is the passage of time and the relentless ticking of the clocks an ideal or damning factor when it comes to the mystical world of Chryst?
It’s ideal and damning at the same time. It’s a blessing and a curse…and none of it. Most of all the passage of time is an illusion. The clocks start to tick as soon as you step from hyper-reality into reality, as soon as you leave the core of the universe and step down into its emanations. But as soon as you leave the visible world there’s no time anymore, no past and no future, no sequence, succession or order. All is one. One is all. “PhantasmaChronica” is the key for you to experience this mystery!

What has been your favorite CD of 2011 so far and why?
I think you all know the answer…

Any final words of wisdom?
Thank you, Ken, for this splendid journey into my brain, and thank you, dear reader, for following these many lines of words together with us. I’d like to assure you that you are the very best reader I ever had! Thank you! Dankeschoen! Merci Beaucoup! Grazie! Tusen Takk! Muchas Gracias! спаси́бо! Xièxie! Děkuji moc! Sağol! Benigne! Faleminderit! Ευχαριστώ πολύ! Köszönöm szépen! Multan dankon! Много благодаря!

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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