PhantasmaChronica by Chryst (Omniversal Records)

In an age where bands notoriously copy one another in their relentless pursuit of the mundane, Chryst will feel like the second coming of a brand new musical revolution. Once known as the mighty KorovaKill over a decade ago, the band has returned in the form of the enigmatic Chryst, presenting unto the jaded masses a thoroughly imaginative adventure in epic psychedelic metal. The avant-garde theatrics to be found within PhantasmaChronica are as thrilling as they as bewildering. It will take more than just a casual listener to fully appreciate the rich tapestries, but those who take the time and venture through the magnum opus will be richly rewarded. (Or scratching their heads wondering what the fuck they’ve just put their delicate ears through – you decide!)

The cover art certainly is a puzzling – a savior hanging from a windmill and a man with a clouded beard looking on somberly. There is even a goldfish flying serenely through the perfect blue sky. Not the typical metal cover art by any means, but then you must understand that Chryst is FAR from your typical metal collective.

PhantasmaChronica is a single 47-minute song split up into 14 testaments of sonic extremity. The disc kicks off with the ominous sounds of The Awakening, where Chryst experiences a dramatic resurrection into the land of the avant-garde.  I Are You kicks off with a dialogue between some rather unsavory individuals, and then slams into a demented classical choir and stunning black metal underscore.

Leaving The Ashes continues our ascent into the obscure and unexplained following by the fevered inclinations of the insanely delightful Storming Outside. The Surge Lands is a hypnotic march with otherworldly chimes sure to tickle the senses, segue-waying into the darkly morose Universe Inverse.

The spirited dementia keeps assaulting the listener with fiendish glee, with A New Age, Metatropolis and beyond expanding through time and musical genres with a grand sense of magnificence and wild-eyed wonder.

The NovoPharus/The ChronoMagus will make you want to launch headfirst into a mosh pit of self-destruction while The Drill Tower staggers the mind with its delicate sense of unease. Tempium Tempus is a nightmarish lullaby of mystical intrigue followed by the dark manifestations of Grow Into The Labyrinths.

The journey through the madness and mayhem of Chryst concludes with the one/two surrealistic punch of The Architect Maze and Back In The Room.

The masterwork of Dr. Chrystof Niederwieser, PhantasmaChronica is an unforgettable expedition of sheer artistry, setting the bar for extreme music to a whole new imaginative level of distinction. An underground classic for the musically enlightened – and a massive state of aural confusion for the sheep and others of the commonplace variety.   Nothing short of mesmerizing!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

Chryst Official Home Page


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