Claps For Caroline Announces The Six Seas Tour

sixseas1Imminence Records/Go With Me Records artist Claps For Caroline has announced their month long The Six Seas Tour that will be supporting their Imminence Records debut EP, entitled Forbidden. The EP was released on all digital providers worldwide back in August before being included as bonus tracks on Go With Me Records’ Japanese physical re-release of the band’s 2012 full length Stories under the title Stories (Forbidden Japan Edition). The release received critical acclaim with New Noise Magazine calling the two lead songs, “down right memorable and explosive,” with Grizz Reviews being, “really impressed by the effort put forth.” The tour runs from June 20th through to July 26th hitting various parts of Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, and Ukraine.

18. June: Kiev, Ukraine
20. June: Ryazan, Russia
21. June: Kazan’, Russia
22. June: Ekaterinburg, Russia
23. June: Ufa, Russia
24. June: Izhevsk, Russia
25. June: Cheboxary, Russia
26.June: Moskow, Russia
28. June: Yaroslavl’, Russia
29. június: St.Petersburg, Russia
30. June: Murmansk, Russia
01. July: Petrozavodsk, Russia
02. July: Pskov, Russia
03. July: Baran’, Belarus
04. July: Creative Fest, Rogachev, Belarus
05. July: Smolensk, Russia
06. July: Tula, Russia
07. July: Orel, Russia
08. July: Voronezh, Russia
09. July: Saratov, Russia
10. July: Volgograd, Russia
11. July: Rostov, Russia
12. July: This is ROCK!, Taganrog, Russia
12. July: Krasnodar, Russia
13. July: Simferopol, Russia
15. July: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
16. July: Kharkiv, Ukraine
17. July: Belgorod, Russia
18. July: Bryansk, Russia
19. July: Pinsk, Belarus
20. July: Bobrujsk, Belarus
21. July: Svetlogorsk, Belarus
22. July: Minsk, Belarus
24. July: Riga, Latvia
25. July: Kaunas, Lithuania
26. July: Grodno, Belarus

Claps for Caroline are a Hungarian post-hardcore/electronica band that was founded in 2010 when Zoltan, Kristof, and Viktor’s former band The Boys Come To Kill broke up. The three established their new band Claps for Caroline by adding Viktor’s brother Csaba on Bass, Zsolt Gonda as singer, Zoltan Olah as screamer, and Patrik Roth on synth. The band’s first show was a talent show that they won on July 10th, 2010. They then played at a major Hungarian festival called Hegyalja Fesztivál before touring across Hungary and releasing their debut EP This Is The Breakdowns Now! by the end of the year.

In 2011, Patrik left the band with Kristof taking over for him with synths along with his duties as guitarist. On August 31st, the band released their first music video for the single “Party Nerve” on BlankTV. The song became the band’s most famous song and music video. 2011 was also the year Claps For Caroline had their first tour abroad in Ukraine that lasted for almost 2 weeks When the tour was over, Csaba left the band as he moved to Germany.

A new bassist arrived on March 15th, 2012 in the form of David Nemes. On May 20th their second music video for “Cruel Memories” was released. On June 4th, the guys signed to Hungarian record label Shortscore Media Hungary before releasing their first LP Stories on September 15th. Two months later, the departure of screamer Zoltan Olah turned Claps For Caroline into a five-piece. Ever since Zoltan Olah’s departure, Zsolt and David have been covering vocal duties.

At the beginning of 2013, the current lineup – Zsolt Gonda (vocals), Kristof Besenyei (lead guitar), Viktor Tar (rhythm guitar), David Nemes (bass guitar) and Zoltan R. Toth (drums) – moved to Hungary’s capital city Budapest. April 14th saw the band signing to American record label Imminence Records. They released the first single from the Forbidden EP entitled ‘Vixen‘ shortly thereafter.



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