The Ubiquitous Indie Rockin’ Sounds of Coast Jumper

Although most of the members started out on the East Coast, the band made their way West, establishing themselves within the wilds of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Thus the moniker Coast Jumper was conceived, and a wondrously quirky brand of indie pop rock was unleashed towards the unsuspecting world at large.

The debut magnum opus is aptly titled Grand Opening, a delightful collection of sonic artistry that should find endearing ears all across the nation.  Here is an interview we conducted with one of the Coast Jumpers to find out more about this ubiquitous band on the rise…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Coast Jumper, and how long the project has been in existence.
Hi, I’m Nick, I play drums and (very rarely) banjo in Coast Jumper. I also crash the most cars. Coast Jumper has been around in it’s current form since August of 2011, when the rest of the guys graduated from school, moved across the country together, and pulled me off of Craigslist to play in the band. I couldn’t be happier to have met them.

What is the music scene like in the San Francisco Bay Area and how does Coast Jumper fit into the scheme of things?
I feel like a real estate agent or something writing this, but the scene in the Bay Area is vibrant and thriving. Literally every night there are awesome shows you can go to, especially if you start digging around and going to smaller venues. You know those indie bands that nobody knows and play in tiny bars all the time? I’ve found that it almost always pays off to go see them because more often than not they totally rule, and those small venues charge basically nothing for a cover… Win/win!

Are there any local SF bands you could recommend?
There are many. Besides people you’ve totally heard about already (Morning Benders, Girls, etc.), we also really dig Dominant Legs, Geographer, and WATERS… and a little farther out our good friends Fierce Creatures (Fresno), Bell Thieves (San Jose) and Waterstrider (Berkeley) are bands you should definitely be listening to.

Is there any story or concept behind the CD title Grand Opening?
When the guys were at college, they all lived together in a big old house in Ithaca, NY, that everybody called the “Grand Opening House”, and since the album is really a representation of their time living there, the name seemed to fit well. It’s also our first album, so it seemed fitting.

Please select any two songs from Grand Opening and what inspired the lyrics.
Disabler was about their mean old neighbor who lived right next to the Grand Opening House, who hated the incessantly loud “low frequencies,” and would often want us to “disable to bass” when we practiced.

For Youth is about trying to find direction in life. It was the earliest song written on the album, so it came about right when the band was starting up and we were still figuring out whether or not the whole music thing was right for all of us.

What is a live Coast Jumper show like for those of us who have yet to see you?
A wet dream. Really awesome when you’re in it, but confusing and messy the next morning…

But seriously though, it’s always evolving, and we try to keep it equal parts calmness and aggression… and we try really hard to nail those harmonies. Really.

Who did the cover art for Grand Opening and how much input did you have on it?
Dave did the cover art! He is awesome! And he is in the band, so we really didn’t have to negotiate at all with outside influences. If you couldn’t guess, it has to do with the “Grand Opening House”.

Have you ever played in the Los Angeles area or plan to do so in the future?
We have not yet, but we have a date at Amplifi on May 5th with our buddies Animal Lore and LA locals Armada! We will hopefully be down there many more times in the future.

What made you decide on the name Coast Jumper?
Basically the whole band moved from New York to California, so we literally jumped coasts. Plus, it sounds cool, and nobody had registered yet…

If you could open for any band either living or in history, who would it be and why??
Queen when Freddy Mercury was alive, basically just because I want to see that shit, and then consequently quit music forever because we’d be too blown away afterwards.

Which member of Coast Jumper is most likely to own a Slayer or Taylor Swift CD? Any unusual music in your music collection?
Dave is probably the most likely to own a Slayer record, but Hans is the most likely to own any Taylor Swift. As far as unusual music, we’re seriously all over the map when it comes to influences. Outside of the indie rock scene, Jordan is a veritable connoisseur of blues and classic rock, Dave used to be a metalhead, and I’ve been known to listen to hardcore and pop punk at times. And we ALL have a soft spot for Seal’sKiss From a Rose“.

Any unusual Coast Jumper live shows?
We had a Halloween show in Visalia that was pretty ridiculous. Dave was a cat, Hans was Russell from Up, Ariyan was the sexy sax man (and yes, we DID cover that one George Michael song), I was Finn from Adventure Time, and Jordan was…. something. Something with a wolf head and a dress. He was legitimately frightening. That was a fun night.

Any final words of wisdom?
I’m not a wise man, but from personal experience I can advise you to really try to not break your skull. And as far as music is concerned, I strongly encourage everyone to check out those small bands from time to time. Most of our shows have been in small venues with ten dollar covers or less, and we’ve played with some seriously awesome acts, and I mean bands that are better than acts you’d pay a hundred bucks to go see, so it’s pretty much always worth it.

Also, follow us on twitter: @coastjumper. We tweet about farts.

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

Coast Jumper Official Home Page


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