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ColorToCanvasEP2Color To Canvas EP by Color To Canvas (Self-released)

Color To Canvas is the solo project of Ray Prichard, best known for his work in the mighty metalcore entity known as Seladora.  At this time, Seladora is on hiatus, after a revolving door of members and some truly stunning musical output. Prichard remains quite a creative force however, now releasing the debut Color To Canvas EP, an exhilarating self-titled effort showing an impassioned artist ready to launch into the big leagues. With decidedly spiritual-based lyrics and a musical soundtrack which soars into the stratosphere, it’s impossible not to be moved by the wondrous compositions contained within.

After a brief Introduction where an ominous narrator warns of false prophets, Color To Canvas explodes with the staggering refrains of WeThePeople. One notices right away the post hardcore inflections and the thoroughly heartfelt lyrics permeating throughout, enrapturing the listener with its powerful sense of conviction. “We knew that we would pay for this, the world is held responsible,” the vocals reflect with a commanding sense of urgency.

Ray Prichard of Color To Canvas

Ray Prichard of Color To Canvas

Statements Under The Poison Tree continues the path to sonic deliverance, with thought provoking entreaties weaving a kaleidoscopic wall of sound. A brief reprieve is found with the atmospheric Intervals, soothing the soul like a prayer issued deep in the night. Be then surrounds the senses with its reflective missives and triumphant melodies.

Closing out the EP way too soon is the spiraling A New Age of Conformity, where Prichard is joined by David Borges of Convalesce. Together, they unleash the most persuasive track on the EP, leaving the listener rapturous and ready to face to trials and tribulations of everyday life.

Based out of Augusta, GA, Ray Prichard has grown tremendously as a musician on a mission. On Color To Canvas, Prichard places it all out on the line, and the results are sure to stimulate all who demand to be lifted up by the bands they seek to support. It will be exciting to hear the future tapestries Color To Canvas has to convey. In the meantime, check out the breathtaking Self-Titled EP by Color To Canvas and prepare to be thoroughly captivated by this compelling testament of faith.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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  1. Angela Rayn 5 years ago

    Great EP and a greatly well written interview I must say. It fits perfectly!

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