Combichrist impresses the mood for electronic industrial grooves. This makes for the band its fifth recording. Making Monsters takes steps forward while nodding the 90′s style industrial era keeping it still fresh even though it’s 2010 era.

he new song Throat Full of Glass is an example of the 90′s industrial vibe that the base of this album still remains and what influences the mood of this record. Other tracks that impressed are Just Like Me, Never Surrender, Follow The Trail of Blood and Slave to Machine. Making Monsters starts out raw, greasy and fun. As the album goes on it slides you into an electronic playground. This playground of sound includes industrial and electronic ingredients that switch back and fourth in aggressive roles without drawing much attention to it.

One hidden surprise on here is the slick styles of Brandon Schiepatti of Bleading Through makes a guest appearance for the second track on the record Follow The Trail Of Blood. A sensational release!

(Review by Jonathan D. Wright)


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