Wanna Be Country by Corey Hager (Self-released CD)

wannabecountry1Corey Hager is a massively talented singer & songwriter from Ripley, West Virginia ready to break out in a big and wonderful way – especially if his self-released full length is indicative of greater glories ahead. Wanna Be Country features 8 wildly infectious songs possessing a good deal of crossover appeal. Yes, this is indeed a country album, and Corey Hager delivers the goods with a heartfelt enthusiasm that is thoroughly exciting to hear. He’s shared the stage with acts such as Never Shout Never and Hawthorne Heights, and has even played a date of the Vans Warped Tour in 2013. With the unveiling of Wanna Be Country, Corey Hager is sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of many a music aficionado.

Wanna Be Country opens with the refreshing refrains of I’m On It, instantly catching the listener’s attention with its wide-eyed country rock romanticism. “Man, I gotta make that mine,” Corey mutters longingly next – and then when you hear the engine revving up, you realize he’s taking about a little something on wheels!  The song is Jacked Up Truck, a wildly infectious tune that deserves to be four-wheeling into the airwaves all across this great land! In the middle of the song, there is a rocking bridge where Corey raps his way into the rip-roaring grand finale. Country Boy then follows, showing the true heart and soul of a hard working artist on the rise. Moment In Time is sure to inspire all who listen to the track’s reflective “these are the hard times, but they make the best times” lyrical optimism.

coreyhager1Moon Shine is a surprising love song that will enrapture the audience, especially when Corey raps yet again with a sense of joy and conviction. Catching Up With You is wistful and sentimental, with the delightful “I think you’re beautiful with or without clothes” lyrics spinning it’s way into your consciousness. The single You Make Me Wanna Drive A Truck is another cut destined to captivate radio stations resourceful enough to discover new talent. And then closing out our journey through the roads of Wanna Be Country is the sweetly affable Like Catchin’ A Fish, reeling the listening in and leaving you wanting to hear a whole lot more!

With a debut recording as exhilarating as Wanna Be Country, there’s no doubt that Corey Hager may find himself trucking into the big leagues in no time at all. For now, be sure to check into what this gifted musicianship has to offer the world at large and catch up with a rising star!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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  1. Jean Tucker 4 years ago

    I am very, very proud of my nephew, Cory Hager. He has came a long way and is a very talented artist. I love you Corey.

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