Corpo-Mente by Corpo-Mente (Blood Music)

corpo menteCorpo-Mente by Corpo-Mente (Blood Music)

The music of French duo Corpo-Mente is very thoughtfully constructed.  The parts might not seem on paper to fit together: Operatic vocals, metal drumming, folksy acoustic and distorted electric guitars, strings and piano.  Yet in the hands of musician Gautier Serre and the lungs of Laure Le Prunenec the results are breathtaking, invigorating, beautiful and cathartic.  Serre knows how to craft light yet dramatic movements and darker, heavier passages equally well and Prunenec matches the moods at every turn, vocalizing like a bright angel one minute, exhaling demonic energies the next.  Serre and Prunenec are joined by Benjamin Violet on strings and Nils Cheville on guitar and the combination of sawed violins, keys and plucked and crunchy electric guitars is aural sorcery.

Corpo-Mente‘s debut album is one of the most compelling albums I’ve heard in years.  Prepare to be amazed.

You can purchase Corpo-Mente HERE.


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