Creation’s End: The Grand Commencement

Creation’s End is a progressive/power metal bands founded by guitarist Rudy Albert (once a member of Zandelle) and drummer Darion Rodriguez.  While they’ve been writing together for some time now, 2010 would be the year they would put together a complete band and unleash their masterwork entitled A New Beginning.  Included in the lineup is vocalist Mike DiMeo, best known for his work in Masterplan and Riot – as well as guitarist Marco Sfogli (James LeBrie Band) and Joe Black (Chris Caffrey, ex-Zandelle).  They’ve been invited to appear at Prog Power USA next year and will be making their live debut in New York City at the Ace Of Clubs on December 3rd.  Here is a recent interview we conducted with two of the members to learn more about the formation of this astounding new collective…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Creation’s End, and how long the band has been together.
RUDY: I play rhythm guitars and keyboards.
DARIO: I play drums. We’ve been playing music together for about twelve years, but the band in its current form has only been together for about a year.

Where is the band based out of and what is the music scene like there?
RUDY: Most of us are from New York (except Marco, who’s from Italy). The music scene here is lively but the type of music we play in Creation’s End isn’t too well represented.

Who came up with the title of the band Creation’s End and is there any story behind the name?
DARIO: The song Creation’s End was written several years ago, and when we decided to make this album, we figured it sounded like a pretty cool name for a band. The song itself is about industrialization and modernization, where the natural is often destroyed in efforts to build.

Is there any story or concept behind the CD title A New Beginning?
RUDY: The songs on this album were written several years ago. When Dario and I decided to re-record our old material and release the songs for real, with an outside producer, professional musicians, professional artwork, and professional engineering, we thought of it as a fresh start for us. We figured “A New Beginning” was a fitting title for the spirit in which this album was approached.

Who did the stunning artwork for the album and how much input did you have on it?
DARIO: Bjoern Goosses at Killustrations did the artwork. After he presented a couple of really cool sketches to us that just didn’t quite fit with what we were looking for, we presented him with an idea that we developed with John Macaluso and Joe Black, and he just nailed it.

With so many of the members already in different bands, how easy or difficult has it been to get together and rehearse?
RUDY: Scheduling can be difficult at times, but we’re all very dedicated to this band and want this album to be the first of many. We all put the time in practicing and keeping up with the material on our own, and come together to rehearse every once in awhile to touch base and make sure we’re tight together.

Will your show at the Ace Of Clubs in December be the first ever Creation’s End show? How nervous will you be to debut the band live?
RUDY: Yes, this will be the first time we’ll be playing as Creation’s End. Personally, I’m not very nervous – just psyched to get out there and finally play these songs live.
DARIO: I’m not too nervous about the show. I’m very excited to share the stage with the guys for the first time. They’re all such tremendous players – it’s gonna be a great show.

How did you wind up on Prog Power USA and have you ever played or been to the festival before? If so, what was the experience like?
RUDY: Our manager gave the promoter an advance listen of the album and he apparently really liked it – he extended us the invitation to play shortly thereafter. I went to ProgPower a couple of years ago and had a great time. I was fortunate enough to actually stay in the same hotel as our manager, whom I met there. Meeting him there turned out to be a great experience because it was the foundation of what would eventually become our current professional relationship with him and the agency.

Any chance of a Creation’s End tour?
RUDY: Absolutely – we’re working on getting something together sometime in 2011.

If you could pick any band either now or in the past that you could tour with as a support act, what band would that be and why?
RUDY: I’d love to be a support act for Metallica – I grew up listening to their albums and they inspired me to get into music. To hit the road with them would be a great experience.
DARIO: I’d probably say Devin Townsend. I think he’s one of the most incredible musicians alive and he puts on such a great show.

Rudy, do you still keep in touch with the members of Zandelle and looking back, what do you think of your overall work with them?
RUDY: I keep in touch with most of the guys in Zandelle – they were all really good friends. Looking back, I view my time in Zandelle as a learning experience. I learned a lot about playing in a band professionally and definitely learned a lot about the business side of the music industry. Also, I made lots of great contacts while promoting Zandelle that actually helped jump start Creation’s End.

What would you like a listener to remember the most after hearing A New Beginning for the very first time?
RUDY: I want people to remember the overall feel and mood of the record, and that we’re not just another ordinary progressive/power metal band. We want to bring a lot of elements that might have been presented in the past, but with an updated, more modern sound that’s melodic and always heavy.
DARIO: The focus in Creation’s End is always the song, not showcasing individual talent in some sort of wankfest. So, I want just want people to remember that these are great songs with some really cool, singable hooks.

Any messages for metal fans here in the Los Angeles area?
DARIO: Support metal in your area! Go to shows and buy the bands’ albums so the metal genre can thrive.
RUDY: Ditto.

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

Creation’s End Official Homepage


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