Two new CRIMINAL tracks available for free download!

Thrash masters CRIMINAL originally formed in Chile and now based in the UK have made two songs off their new studio album Akelarre available for free download on their Facebook page. Akelarre is the band’s seventh studio album and the first since the departure of lead guitarist and founding member Rodrigo Contreras and the subsequent addition of Basque guitar wizard Olmo Cascallar. Akelarre is a word from the Basque language (Euskara) which is also widely used in most Spanish-speaking countries and translates to witches’ sabbath.

The track list on Akelarre is:
1. Order From Chaos (04:53)
2. Resistance Is Futile (04:40)
3. The Ghost We Summoned (04:03)
4. Akelarre (01:59)
5. State Of Siege (04:10)
6. Tyrannicide (04:21)
7. Feel The Void (04:40)
8. The Power Of The Dog (03:35)
9. Vows Of Silence (04:16)
10 .La Santa Muerte (04:47)

Akelarre will be released on August 19th, 2011 by Massacre Records.

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