Crisalida - Terra AncestralThe Chilean Progressive Metal band CRISALIDA is adding the final touches to their fourth full length album titled “Terra Ancestral“, to be released somewhere between March/April of 2015.

CRISALIDA has made a huge career move this time by hiring Anathema’s Daniel Cardoso to produce “Terra Ancestral”. Also the band has recorded this new opus at Tierra Studios, one of the best studios with a great analogue recorder in South America, having all of the toys necessary (meaning studio gear) to get the best sound and production possible for this new effort.

Rodrigo “Atilio” Sánchez, drummer and leader of the band stated:

“Right now we are on a very good position with Crisalida, we are playing live very often, not only in our home country but in the neighbor countries as well, the fans knows us very well because of our past recordings and videos, and we have managed to built a very solid fan following. But despite all of that we really wanted for this new album to do something very, very special, and that’s why we hired Daniel Cardoso to do the job. We rented one of the most expensive studios here in South America and we filmed everything related to the recording and production process to, soon enough, release it as a documentary and beside all that we are also already working on two video clips.

We expect that this album to be our breaking point for CRISALIDA, we strongly believe on the songs we have recorded and that we have a powerful message, a message that beside the language barrier (yes, we are stubborn enough to continue singing in Spanish), we are fully decided that we are capable to conquer with our music”.

Being mixed and mastered at Ultrasound Studios (Lisbon, Portugal) by Daniel Cardoso, CRISALIDA’s new album will be released through a soon to be disclosed label, and will be the first one to be distributed in Europe and North American markets.

A teaser of the new album can be seen from the following link:

Video Clip for “Araucana”, the opening track of CRISALIDA’s previous album (Solar – 2012):


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