Come What May

Strange Dialect by Come What May (Self-released)

The most amazing and yet puzzling thing about Come What May from Athens, GA is that they somehow remain an unsigned entity. With two previous EP’s under their belts, Come What May’s first full entitled Strange Dialect is a DIY effort destined to garner the collective a good deal of attention. Strange Dialect is absolutely stunning and majestic, a kaleidoscope of wondrous sound that both enhances and transcends time and genres. Brilliant musical artistry emerges from the most unexpected of places, and Come What May has delivered a thoroughly compelling work that deserves more than just casual exploration. Comparisons to August Burns Red and Thrice may abound, but they is plenty of originality and ambition to be found within the ten compositions featured within.

The sonic adventure commences with Cold Hands, an impassioned introduction that shows right away just how unique and staggering the Come What May aural experience is. The screamed vocals display a dynamic sense of urgency while the clean singing sweeps the listener off their feet with its sheer expressiveness.

The fiery sonnets continue with Speak Like Butchers, an explosive track that successful combines swirling metallic guitars, driving drumbeats, and a hypnotic vocal midsection. Then Ankle Deep Water streams through with a skilled precision, showing the band verging into The Chariot territory before enrapturing with a glorious clean vocal refrain.

Deuteragonist exudes a stark contrast of heaviness and almost lullaby sounding clean vocals reminiscent of The Beautiful Mistake – another the vastly underrated outfit.  Then Myself In The Rear View Mirror soars into the spotlight, presenting a memorable soundscape that will haunt you long after the disc spins to its conclusion.

Dusty Hymnal is wonderfully melodic yet emotionally devastating, showing Come What May at their most introspective. This one could be a wildly amped up Bob Dylan song. The progressive elements of the band are in full force with ZRG RSH while still retaining an overwhelming intensity. Beach Party Pantomime then detonates massive commotion all over the speakers with a dazzling sense of atmospheric chaos and dramatic clean and screamed vocals.

The City On The Coast asks, “How long have we been chasing daylight?” with a cosmic sense of wonder and intrigue. And then closing out Strange Dialect on a breathtaking note is Give & Take, leaving the room spinning with its dazzling wall of impenetrable sound and vibrant lyrics.

The Come What May lineup features musicians at the very height of their creative prowess, including contributions from Evan Cerwonka on guitars, Patrick Farace on drums, Joey Hreha on guitars and vocals, Garrett Lennox on bass, and Timothy Watts on keys and vocals. Musically advanced and yet very user friendly, the post hardcore tapestries found on Strange Dialect display a universal language that all musical aficionados will surely treasure. Music with heart and depth that is an ultimately rewarding encounter.  Highly recommended!

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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