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Damnation_Angels_Band1 (800x478)A new era of Symphonic Metal has arrived with the mighty Damnation Angels!  Based out of the UK, this esteemed collective has recently unleashed their latest magnum opus entitled Bringer Of Light via Massacre Records.  The band has opened for the likes of Sabaton and are scheduled to make their debut appearance in the States at the ProgPower Festival in September.  Fans of acts such as Blind Guardian and Rhapsody are sure to cherish the adventures and intrigue to be found within the dramatic soundscapes of Damnation Angels epic reveries.  Here is an interview we conducted with guitarist Will Graney to find out more about these dynamic bringers of metal! Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Damnation Angels, and how long the band has been together.
My name’s Will Graney I’m the bands composer/guitarist. We’ve been together since 2006 but really started making waves in 2009

Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there?
We’re based out of Sheffield England, there isn’t much of a scene for symphonic metal over here. Most of our fans are in Europe, Japan and USA but in saying that we are trying our hardest to get bigger in the UK.

How did you wind up signing with Massacre Records?
We sent press kits out to many labels and negotiated contracts with a lot of them. Massacre put a good offer on the table and the rest is history.

Is there any story or concept behind the Bringer Of Light title?
Well the concept section of the album, (which runs over 4 tracks) without giving too much away is basically a short story about a man who has to give up everything he loves to become what he needs to be to save the world, which ultimately leads to his demise.

Select two songs from Bringer Of Light and what inspired the lyrics.
Reborn: reincarnation and that feeling of deja vu influenced this song. The feeling of “have I done this before” “have I been here before” is explored here. Pride (The Warrior’s way): A powerful, emotional song about the human spirit.

Who produced Bringer Of Light and what was it like working with them?
Scott Atkins (Grindstone Studios UK), Scott’s an amazing producer, the guy works harder than he probably should. I love working with him, we have a great working relationship and he really does help extract every bit from you in the recording process. I can’t say enough good things about him, he’s one of the best.

What could one expect from live Damnation Angels show?
You can expect us to come and really go for it playing/performance wise. We’re always trying to get better and better and put on the best show we possibly can.

Damnation_Angels_Bringer_Of_Light_Cover (640x640)Who did the cover art for Bringer Of Light and how much input did you have on it?
Jan Yrlund (Darkgrove design), we’ve worked with him before and he’s an exceptional artist. We already had the idea of what we wanted so it was relatively straight forward, but Jan puts his touch on it and that’s wakes makes him so good.

What was the experience like opening for Sabaton and did you get you get to hang out with them at all?
It was quite a while ago but I still remember it, the line-up was different to what it is now and they weren’t as big obviously. I remember them being cool guys and they gave us great words of inspiration, we learnt a lot from them.

What are you looking forward to the most about playing ProgPower USA and will this be your first performance here in the States?
Yes it will actually, we’re looking forward to playing for our fans there mainly. The support from the US has been incredible and we honestly can’t wait, it’s gonna be a blast. Also I’ve heard that there’s restaurant nearby that does something called a triple coronary bypass burger?! It’s got me intrigued.

If you could open for any band, either now or from the past, what band would that be and why?
Metallica, they’ve always been and still are a huge influence on me. I think they’re great with fans as well, there fan club is incredible. It’d be an honour to play with them.

The Queen of England invites Damnation Angels to perform a song at a Royal Command Performance. What song would you do for Her Majesty at the performance and why?
Haha tough one, I guess it’d have to be Pride…unless we did a cover of something a bit more commercial. I don’t think she’s big on the whole symphonic scene, maybe No Leaf Clover would go down better.

Any final words of wisdom?
Cliché but whatever your dream is don’t be afraid to go for it and in the words of the legend Paul Stanley LIVE TO WIN!!

Damnation Angels is:
Will Graney – Guitars, orchestration, backing vocals
PelleK – Vocals
Stephen Averill – Bass
John Graney – Drums
Dawn Trigg – Keyboards

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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