Introducing: Dark Colour

Dark Colour is a one-manned electronic, dancepunk, synthpop, electrohouse, whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-it project crafted and fronted by Randall Rigdon. Music Under Fire cited Dark Colour’s 2011 release Memories as being “an appealing mix between the chaos of Passion Pit and the ghostly club-feel of a slick Moby dance track like that of ‘Go‘”. Don’t expect to find that release available anywhere however, as a major music label had it pulled from retailers for containing the use of an uncleared sample.

Fortunately Dark Colour’s new undertaking, Prisoner, doesn’t contain any samples and effectively serves as a surprisingly striking introduction to the project. The unexpected ambush of raw, unconfined energy that erupts from the opening track “In Case You’ve Forgotten” quickly transitions into a dance anthem for unrequited lovers with “Be Your Man”. From the new wave heartbreak of “The Games Are Killing Us” to the existential themes of “Can’t Stop (Illusions)”, Prisoner is an album of many sounds in a pure electronic format without clinging to any fleeting trendiness.

Marked in the middle by a 6-minute instrumental “Through The Darkness”, Prisoner manages to swimmingly transition from an indie-cred dance party to a more personal, solo Caribou-esque electronic exploration.


‘Be Your Man’ Mp3:


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