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Watch Video for “As a Butterfly”

(New York, NY): Swedish metallers Dead By April have released their new album Let the World Know via Spinefarm Records. The album, the follow up to 2011’s Incomparable, is their third and is now available at all DSPs.

Dead By April’s music meshes the crunch and girth of metal guitar work with alternately sung and screamed vocals, all of which are laced with synthy swirls. Since their 2007 inception, Dead By April have authored their own genre and style. In fact, it’s hard to put them in a peer group since they experiment with so many different styles and subgenres of rock; however, metal fans might consider In Flames a distant cousin.

One thing about is certain about Dead By April – their metallic melodies take up residence in your brain for days at a time and they craft truly unforgettable songs.

If you are unfamiliar with Dead By April, let’s get you up to speed, since that’s all about to change. The band has America in its sights and it’s time to Let the World Know about Dead By April.

The band has two Gold-selling Swedish releases (2009’s self-titled debut and the aforementioned Incomparable) under its belt. But Dead By April are not content to coast on past successes. They have refined their sound with Let the World Know. The dark parts are darker, the fast parts are faster and the heavy parts are heavier. On the flip side, their melodic moments and pop sensibilities are as seamless as ever. Overall, everything has been taken up a notch with Let the World Know.

Additionally, the band has endured a change in its ranks, with singer Christoffer Andersson taking over for the departed Jimmie Strimmel.

Of the album, guitarist and songwriter Pontus Hjelm, who also produced the album, said, “We expand the existing ingredients with every release. As an artist, it is difficult to motivate yourself if you do the exact same thing over again.”

About the new singer, Hjelm offered, “Christoffer is very competent and really shares his positive energy. The atmosphere within the band is better than ever and everyone is really stoked about the album. It is very exciting. I usually do not like to have to big expectations but the circumstances have never been as good as with this recording. It feels fantastic.”

Dead By April’s lineup is rounded out by Zandro Zantiago (vocals), Marcus Wesslén (bass) and Alex Svenningson (drums).

Over the past few years, the band has steadily amassed and built an ardent fanbase and has played to over a million fans. They have toured the world, sold out New York City’s Webster Hall in 2012 and wowed the metal audience of 30,000 strong at Wacken Open Air in Germany in 2012.

Let the World Know Track Listing
1. “Beautiful Nightmare”
2. “Abnormal”
3. “Empathy”
4. “Done With Broken Hearts”
5. “As a Butterfly”
6. “Same Star”
7. “Let the World Know”
8. “Peace of Mind”
9. “Freeze Frame”
10. “Infinity x Infinity”
11. “My Tomorrow”
12. “Hold On”
13. “Replace You”

Watch the video for “As a Butterfly.”

The band’s touring schedule is here.

Connect with Dead By April here, here and here.


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