Eleven by Dead Heroine (Self-released EP)

Los Angeles has the most elevencover1captivating music scene on the planet, with bands such as Dead Heroine keeping it lively with their spirited rock and roll anthems.  Eleven is the name of Dead Heroine’s debut, a stunning collection tunes that fans of acts such as Halestorm and Tonight Alone will be enraptured by at first listen. Featuring charismatic lead vocalist Moa Henriksson and razor sharp musicianship from all involved, Dead Heroine is sure to hit the stratosphere with their thoroughly riveting compositions.

Eleven opens with the breathless refrains of Holding On To Air, where the memorable “everyone is falling into place, I’m falling apart” chorus rips into the heart of the matter. One notices right away the searing guitar work and super passionate vocals.

Brev Till Pappa expresses a sense of urgency with its “what’s it like to abuse the woman you love” lyrical content grabbing the listener to the throat. Even when the song goes into its quieter passages, there is a raw intensity that renders this gripping cut a tremendous standout.

If You’re Gonna Wait For A Sign …This Is It has hit song potential written all over it, complete with it’s “Because everyone around keeps on rejecting me” lyrics screaming through with a mighty sense of ferocity. The themes of belief and perseverance ring out triumphantly in this thrilling song, making you want to stand up and take on the world at large.

moadhjl1Broken Glass clearly demonstrates the shattering versatility to be found within Dead Heroine’s auditory adventure. And then closing out Eleven way too soon is the “closer to the edge” tension to be found within the massive sounds of Love To Fall.

Vocalist / guitarist Moa Henriksson unleashes the lyrics with a magnetic fury, like a modern day Pat Benatar ready to rage with a mesmerizing sense of conviction. Guitarist Nathan Gignac shreds with a mighty vengeance while bassist Sam Bibo and drummer David Myers Jr bring it on home with a skilled precision. Eleven is an absolute triumphant, with the band’s expansive live sound captured perfectly within the confines of a studio. With recordings as devastating as the striking Eleven, expect Dead Heroine to gain a good deal of attention from music fans all across the country looking for passion and integrity in their hard rock and roll experience.

(Review by Ken Morton – Photo by Jack Lue)

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