Insult To Injury

Dead Weight by Insult To Injury (Fort Charter Records)

Based out of the thriving Pittsburgh, PA music scene, Insult To Injury dispenses a ferocious brand of metalcore that will surely pummel the senses of all whom encounter its lethal devastation. Their debut EP on Fort Charter Records is entitled Dead Weight, and its sonic artillery consists of five super intensive songs sure to liven up any mosh pit action. Supremely tight and relentlessly driving, this collection of tunes is sure to garner to band a good deal of respect all across the country.

The adventure begins with the aptly title Genesis, demonstrating at once the sheer intensity and vibrant musical prowess the band maintains. Changes then slams into your face at full force, featuring some staggering guitar interludes and wildly impassioned vocals.

Expectations features a tight rhythm section and spiraling guitars meshing together with the persuasive lyrical content.  Sacrifices smashes through your system with unearthly breakdowns that transcend the listener into a heavy stratosphere of punishing reverberations.  The ominous guitar opening from title track Dead Weight merges into a grand finale that will dazzle all aficionados of extreme music.

The Insult To Injury lineup is absolutely first rate, featuring the imaginative contributions of Geremy Andreaco on vocals, Tim Hess on guitar, Cody Cavanaugh (formerly of Voices & Vessels) on guitar, Marc Liscio on bass, and Zak Lees on drums. Technical credits are rock solid, with Brette Ciamarra of Belie My Burial recording, mixing, and mastering the effort with an expert precision at Studio 344.

Dead Weight by Insult To Injury is a staggering work from a young band ready to crush their way into the big leagues. With Dead Weight being nothing short of an all-out triumph, it will be exciting to see what musical beasts Insult To Injury manage to unleash when its time record a full-length. Stay tuned…

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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