defytoler1(10 July 2013 – Phoenix, AZ) Modern rock newcomers Defy Tolerance have released their debut album, Stop The Bleeding via their own imprint, Able Records.

Produced by House of Lords and Fifth Angel drummer, Ken Mary, the ten song affair was recorded at SonicPhish Studios in Phoenix, AZ and mastered by Tony Glassner at Spectre Mastering. “I met Ken in 2011 through a co-worker who played in a band with him many years ago called 3 Degrees West,” says singer Freddy Kilo. “I didn’t have a band at the time, but I wanted Ken to record a few songs I had written. Later, when it came time for Defy Tolerance to record, I called Ken, we met up, went over the music and went into the studio to record. It was all pretty simple, actually.”

Coming off as a cross between Alter Bridge and Godsmack, the quartet is a tight no-holds-barred unit who have shared the stage with the likes of Trapt, Burn Halo, 12 Stones, Prong, Smile Empty Soul and Attika 7.

Defy Tolerance came together in 2011 when frontman Freddy Kilo met bassist Donny Rosko in, of all places, a bathroom after a gig Donny played. The two of them got together, shared some musical ideas and wrote a few songs. When they saw that they meshed well they took an ad out to find a drummer. After meeting drummer after drummer and getting nowhere, Garin Wolfe walked in the door and it was just meant to be. “Some of the guys we auditioned didn’t even bother to learn the songs!” reflects Rosko. “Garin showed up prepared and just nailed it.” The trio started playing shows in Feb of 2012 and during this time they recorded Stop The Bleeding. “In the studio we were writing and recording a lot of secondary guitar parts,” says Donny. “We all agreed to add a 2nd guitarist and the search was on. After a few not-so-great auditions, Garin suggested Brian Miller, who worked with him at the time. The dude shreds. We thought he would be a good fit and bring something new to our stage show. We had a month of practice and he debuted when we opened for Smile Empty Soul.”

Stop The Bleeding is available now via the band’s website and on iTunes:

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