Denouncer unleash a little bit of Bad Faith via Hotfoot Records

denouncernews1A maelstrom of filth and power, Panama City, Florida based Denouncer brings Darkened Hardcore to the table in a mixture of straight aggression and misery. With powerful vocals and chaotic guitar riff’s, Denouncer puts on a energetic live performance that is impossible to ignore.

A little bit about Bad Faith

The world revolves around individuals that can not think or gather opinions for their self. Topic’s such as religion, politics, music, and over all lifestyles are taken in without being questioned and accepted. “Bad Faith” is about exactly that. It is to encourage people to think outside the box and to live their lives as they choose to and not based off what others are doing.

Denouncer is:
Andy Lewis – Singer
Eli Werth – Drums
Travis Turner – Guitar
Ryan Hiebendahl – Bass
Daniel Johnston – Guitar

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