Deserters: Hardcore Devastation from the City of Angels

One of the recent signing to Rite Of Passage / Mediaskare Records is LA’s own Deserters, whose dynamic brand of extreme hardcore is sure to find the collective a massive following above and beyond the City Of Angels.  Their debut EP Fail Yourself is a devastating effort, guaranteed to pummel the senses of all who venture out to give a list.  The band will be playing a one show supporting Throwdown for their Brawloween Tour at the Cobalt Cafe on Canoga Park on Halloween.  Then you could pretty much expect Deserters to hit the road fpr the rest of time, destined to assault eardrums and inspire mosh pit carnage all across the nation.  Here is a recent interview we conducted with two of the Deserters to find out more about this intensive up and coming band…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Deserters, and how long the band has been together.
Matt: Matthew Roell, I sing for Deserters.
Will: Will O’Bryan, I play guitar and sing. The band has been together for just over a year at this point.

Where is your band based out and what is your local music scene like there? Any local bands you could recommend?
Will: The band is based out of Los Angeles. However, Matt and I are from the Coachella Valley and the other members are from various parts of southern California. As far as local bands, there is so much going on out here that it is hard to pick a short list.

How did you wind up being signed to Rite Of Passage / Mediaskare Records?
Matt: Will and I actually moved out here with the intention of starting this band. Will wrote the music and was able to record the guitars for me to write lyrics to. We met Baron through our mutual friend who we were living with, but kept the band a secret until we had recorded the first half of the EP.

Is there any story or concept to the EP title Fail Yourself?
Matt: The EP consists of six first hand occurrences. It begins with the reason I failed being myself and it ends with the reason someone else failed because of me. The title is the theme of every song in a different scenario, whether it be a struggle with yourself, the environment around you, the God above you or the people you put beneath you.

Please select any two Deserters songs and what inspired the lyrics?
Matt: “Wolf in Shepherd’s Clothing” is an explanation to God about why it will never work between the two of us. I ask how we will ever learn to love a God who’s presence is defined by his absence. I can’t speak for the rest of the band, but Will and I have made a big part of the band’s imagery the Agnostic struggle of trying to find a balance about a God who’s answers to so many prayers are a needle in a haystack.

The Fool” on the other hand is an explanation to a certain girl about the weight of a lie on her ability to ever leave. The song begs her to forget all of it, but she can’t help but feel my hands tighten around her neck as she drives away.

What could one expect from a live Deserters show?
Will: A chance to see the music, exactly how it sounds. It is in your face, uncomfortable and ugly.

With an EP just out now, how close are you to recording and releasing a full length effort?
Will: We are more than halfway done with the writing process of our full length and we are planning to record early 2012. We are planning to have the CD out by the summer.

Which members used to be in Suffokate and do they still keep in touch with Suffokate?
Will: I was never in Suffokate. I filled in on bass for a short tour they did a few months back. Great dudes, good times.

What kind of touring have you done so far and do you have any road horror stories you could share?
Matt: This tour coming up in November will actually be our first time on the road. We have spent the last year tightening up our sound and we look forward to walking away from our jobs, our homes and pursuing something we actually give a shit about.

Why should someone run out right now and buy the new Deserters EP?
Will: It’s the real deal. It’s honest music made by dishonest people. Fail Yourself is a tasty little record.
Matt: This is the first step, the first shred of music we have ever released as Deserters. It is the first time we have not only put pen to paper and wrote down things we would absolutely never talk about, but we actually scream them right in the face of anyone willing to listen.

Are you looking forward to playing with Throwdown at the Brawloween Cobalt Café show and have you ever played with Throwdown before?
Will: Of course we are pumped to play with Throwdown, they are a killer band. The whole line up for the show is really good.
Matt: Being into hardcore when I was in high school and getting to hear Throwdown play Haymaker from start to finish is going to bring me back to driving two hours with too many people in too small of a car to Showcase. I can’t wait.

Any final words of wisdom?
Matt: This is just the beginning for Deserters.
Will: If you dig a band, support them. We need to get back to buying music and supporting the bands that we care about so that they can do what they need to do. CD’s sound better than mp3s anyway. We’ll see you at a show.

Deserters is:  Matthew Roell, Will O’Bryan, Scott Annesley, Marvin Marroquin, and Justin Powell.

(Interview and Live Photos by Kenneth Morton)

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