Divot: Breaking Through The Mold

divotpic2Divot is a power trio from Elmira NY, whose hard rocking sounds will surely gain the collective a good deal of attention all across the nation.  Their latest EP To Shape The Mold is destined to exhilarate fans of bands such as Tool and the Deftones. Divot bring their own personality and style to the proceedings, with songs such as Downer and Divide lingering within your mind long after the disc spins to its conclusion.  We recently caught up with vocalist / guitarist Cliff Hodson to find out more about this band on the rise.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Divot, and how long the band has been together.
Hey, I’m Cliff, and I play guitar and sing in Divot. The band was formed in early-2011 so we’ve been around for a little over 3 years now.

Where are you based out of and what is the music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?
We are based out of Elmira, NY. It’s not bad out here, but we are typically traveling 1-2 hours to play shows due to a lack of good venues to play at. There are definitely some awesome bands in the area that everyone should check out. Adesta, Burden My Surrender, Armed With Valor, and Cry to the Blind for sure. We play with them all the time and have become close friends!

divotcd1Is there any story or concept behind the EP title To Shape The Mold?
To Shape The Mold is actually a lyric in the last song on the EP called Stay. We felt it resonated well with what we are currently trying to accomplish. Right now, we are trying to show everyone who we are as a band and really trying to shape the mold for the future, if you know what I mean.

Select two songs from To Shape The Mold and what inspired the lyrics.
This is tough, but I’ll choose my two personal favorites which happen to be Divide and Succubus. When I write lyrics, I try and let the vibe of the music dictate my thoughts to see where my mind tends to go. With Divide, the music really reminded me of what it’s like to be stuck in the middle of a conflict that you see both sides of. The lyrics, to me at least, are really about seeing through someone’s attempt to manipulate you to be on their side of a conflict when you know damn well that they aren’t as peachy as they say they are. Succubus, on the other hand, was inspired by a good friend’s situation with his girlfriend. You know how you have a friend who thinks his girlfriend is such a catch, but you can just tell how how messed up she really is? That’s Succubus in a nutshell.

What could one expect from a live Divot show?
We give it all we’ve got every night we play to make sure that everyone has a good time. We don’t care if there’s 1000 people or 2 people. We treat every show as an opportunity that is not to be taken for granted.

Any strange or scary happenings while on the road or at a show?
Yes, there have been a few scary moments, but the most recent was when we were on our way to play with Fuel in Poughkeepsie in March. It was about a 4.5 hour hike for us to get to the venue, and our van started overheating badly. Luckily, my dad is a kick ass mechanic and talked us through how to fix the issue over the phone. After about an hour or so, we were back on the road, and made it to Poughkeepsie right on time for load in!

Have you ever played in the Los Angeles area or plan to do so in future days?
We have never played a show over in Los Angeles, but would love to do so! We hope to be out there within a year or two!!

If you could open for any band either now or from the past, who would it be and why?
Personally, I’d love to play with the Deftones since they are such a big influence for me. They are my favorite band and I’m a huge Chino Moreno fan. I think it would be a good fit too!

How close it Divot to writing and recording a full length?
I wish I could tell you! Right now, we are focused on pushing the new EP as much as possible while playing as many shows as we can in the next year or so. We are always writing new stuff, but there’s nothing set in stone as far as a time frame goes for recording a new record. I will say that our next disc will definitely be a full length.

What¹s up next for Divot?
We are currently working hard on getting solid plans together to tour and promote our new EP. We are really proud of how the music turned out and want to get as many people as we can to hear it!

Any final words of wisdom?
Wish I had some! haha, thanks for having us!

Divot is:
Cliff Hodson – Vocals/Guitar
Paul Felix – Bass
Jeffrey Siptrott – Drums

(Interview by Ken Morton)

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