Make Like New by Dizzylilacs (Self-released)

9812479Make Like New by Dizzylilacs (Self-released)

Dizzylilacs from Los Angeles is a rocking alternative collective whose aromatic music has a decidedly mass appeal. They’ve opened for the like of ABC, Berlin, Wang Chung, and Mr. Big – impressing crowds with their ultra-modern, emotionally driven brand of rock and roll. Make Like New is the Dizzylilacs’ second endeavor, featuring fragrant melodies and impactful lyrics that should really make music fans of all styles of genres stand up and note. Eight dazzling tracks in all are contained within the breathtaking confines of Make Like New, commencing with the exhilarating refrains of And Security. Possessing the wondrous aspects of a hit single that will be bouncing away in your head for ages, And Security alone is enough to hook the listener into endless replays. And the seven tracks that follow certainly seal the deal.

Combining the sound that made KROQ so famous in the 80’s with a spirited modern approach – Dizzylilacs present an entire album of gorgeously refreshing tunes. Whether it’s the soaring Eph or the vibrant strains of Indefinite, Dizzylilacs take the listener on an auditory journey that you’ll want to revisit time and again. The passion each member displays within each song stands out tenfold, featuring the dynamic talents of Mark V. Hoagland on lead vocals and bass, Paul P. Hoagland on drums, and Mike Wenland on rhythm and lead guitar. For those looking for perfectly crafted indie alternative rock songs infused with imagination and flair, check into Make Like New by Dizzylilacs and prepare to be thoroughly enraptured by their sweet and timeless melodies.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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