Deception Of A Ghost: Haunting Hollywood and Beyond

Deception Of A Ghost were recently in the Southland, tearing through the haunts of the Sunset Strip in Hollywood – including a heart stopping performance at the legendary Whisky!   Touring across the country with Affiance, Everyone Dies In Utah, and Sirens & Sailors, a good number of people arrived to lend their support and mosh it up big time!  Highwire Daze caught up with the mighty DOAG to find out more about their adventures in Tinseltown, life on the road, tracks from their latest album Life Right Now on Bullet Tooth Records, and much more!  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Deception Of A Ghost, and what is the most embarrassing song on your IPOD.
Hello hello. This is Buddy, guitar/vocals and thanks for having me, let’s get weird….I’m wearing no underwear and no shower in weeks, we call it tha tour life.  Nothing on my ipod that I’m ashamed of. As far as you know 😉

How is the current tour with Affiance and Everyone Dies In Utah going and what have been some of the highlight?
Man this tour is a huge success, we have been out with Affiance 3 times now, let’s just say we’ve seen each other in ways only couples should be allowed to! EDIU are cool dudes and hey don’t forget Sirens and Sailors (on this tour) those dudes are like my best friends now, super guys and hella solid on stage, I’m actually a fan!  Everyday is a highlight reel, like I said this is a fun ass tour.

What were your overall impressions of Hollywood and The Whisky, and have you ever played in the area before?
I LOVE California, Hollywood is pretty “touristy” but we did actually run into/and hang with Chris Rock and David Spade for a minute, it was really cool how well David took to us band guys, he took pics with us and was totally chill, not to mention hammered. I mean we all were! It’s Hollywood! The Whisky is a dream come true to perform at. When I stepped on stage I remember thinking to myself I’m standing where Motley Crue, GNR and where countless rockstars had. It was a moment for me.

If you could tour with any band either now or from the past, what band would you tour with and why?
I could name a ton, but I’d say Poison. Could you imagine the chicks??? As for today I would like to be out with A Day to Remember, it’s a good fit and it would be insane fun.

You described Life Right Now and The Terrorist in the last interview. Select two other songs from Life Right Now and what inspired the lyrical content.
If Hearts Could Talk” is written about a lady from my past and basically goes out to anyone with shitty relationship problems and being lied to and so on. We can ALL relate :).

Sons of Sunlight“. It’s about being and feeling that you are everything you want to be. We are all Gods if you really wanna be and work your ass off and believe in yourself. You can accomplish anything you put your mind, heart, hard work and belief in

While on the road, some drunk guy offers you $100 to play What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. He has the cash and is serious! What do you do?
I punch him in the face and take his alcohol (if any).

What advice would you give a band about to go on tour for the first time?
Good luck, save your money up before you leave. It’s not what you think it is. It’s super super hard and very expensive when you get started

If you weren’t wandering around America in a band right now, what do you think you would be doing with your time?
Racing something, and breaking girls’ hearts

What’s up in the New Year for Deception Of A Ghost?
We are so excited about how big our reaction has become and we’re starting to see a big buzz and fans from all over the world. I think our hard work is gonna pay big here this next year. We’re very excited about our career in the near future

Any messages for Deception Of A Ghost fans?
YES! Guys we listen to ALL of you. We read and react to everything you send us and we will always try to personally write back and talk to everyone possible that has questions or just wants to talk. You are the reason we are here and we can’t thank you enough for your support!! We hope we can continue to make music you both enjoy and respect and also can relate to. Love you guys! Also thanks to Highwire for the follow up.

Deception Of A Ghost is:
Scott Cowan – Vocals
Buddy Dameron – Guitar/Vocals
Chris Spach – Bass
Bryan Sain – Drums
Kyle Dameron – Guitar

(Interview and Photos by Kenneth Morton)

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