Destruction Of A Rose: The Monster Lives!

After some rather dramatic personnel changes, many were beginning to think that the metal monster known as Destruction Of A Rose was coming to an abrupt end.  Do not count out this beast for long, as the Las Vegas collective has returned with an all-out vengeance, unleashing a colossal new EP entitled It’s Alive! On the DIY for now, Destruction Of A Rose has persevered and the new lineup remains more than ready to pummel the senses of all who venture out to give a listen!  Here is a recent interview we conducted with long time member Nick Rose and new vocalist Chris Foglia to find out more about the unstoppable metal force from Sin City.  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Destruction Of A Rose, and how long the band has been together.
Chris: I’m Chris Foglia and I provide lyrics and vocals.

Nick: I’m Nick Rose, I play rhythm guitar. Danny White plays lead, DJ Foley plays bass and Larry Reynolds is on drums. Our current unit has been together for about a year. Destruction has been a touring band for the last three years, but has had its name and was founded about 6 years ago.

What is the current state of the Las Vegas music scene and how does Destruction Of A Rose fit into the scheme of things?
Nick: That’s a tough one, because since becoming a touring band we spend more time away than home so the local scene can seem unfamiliar at times. However, we wouldn’t be where we are without the local fans; we have not lost sight of that. When we do play at home, it’s always a good thing.

Is there any story or concept behind the EP title It’s Alive?
Chris: It’s basically a statement about where the band is at. A lot of people thought this band was over and done with after all the complications it faced last year. We just want to assure everyone that this “monster” we call Destruction Of A Rose is alive and kicking. We’re not going anywhere.

Select two songs from It’s Alive and what inspired the lyrical content.
Chris: The title track, “It’s Alive“, is about what I mentioned previously. We aren’t dead yet. In fact, this band is as alive and passionate as ever. A lot of people have speculated its demise and some have even proclaimed it. So the lyrics also reflect our collective rage at how easily some could dismiss us.

Empty Throne, Empty Crown” was very much inspired by my joining of the band. I felt a lot of pressure, kind of “all eyes on me” so to speak. I knew I had some big shoes to fill and feel like I have survived the gauntlet. Hopefully the fans agree.

How did Evan Foxx leaving initially affect DOAR? Was there any talk of not continuing on as a band? And do you still keep in touch with any of the past DOAR members?
Nick: Our philosophy as a band is that we are a whole, and putting too much emphasis on any of us as individuals is never a good thing. We have filled our voids as we see fit and are still going strong. The past is the past and isn’t important, we are looking onward and upward.

Chris Foglia sounds terrific on the New EP! What is his musical background and what other bands has he been in prior to DOAR? How did he become involved with the band?
Chris: Thank you so much!

Well I’ve been making music since I got my first guitar when I was 12 years old. In fact, I was a guitar player in bands until about 2004. I started doing vocals when my friends and I started a metal band in Phoenix (where I currently live) called “Revenant.” Around the same time I began experimenting with ambient and noise music under the moniker of “Apneic.” After Revenant dissolved, I briefly played keyboards in a rock band called “Housman’s Athletes.” I bounced around a few metal bands, providing vocals, before joining DOAR.

I was familiar with the band prior to joining. I had played with them in one of my previous projects and we had mutual friends. When I found out they were looking for a vocalist I jumped at the opportunity. I came out to Vegas in October of last year for an audition and ended up tracking the whole EP!

Who produced It’s Alive and what was it like working with them?
Nick: Kelly Cairns from One Light Media in Las Vegas. We’ve worked with him previously. He’s a very talented dude and a great friend and it made the process easy and comfortable.

Who did the cover art for It’s Alive and how much input did you have on it?
Nick: Rick McDonald from Stomp Designs in California. We had as much input as was needed, we gave a concept and he ran with it.

How much touring has this lineup of DOAR done and when will we see you all in Los Angeles again?
Nick: We’ve done a handful of solid tours with the current lineup and its been all good things. We’re focusing on writing a full length right now, but hope to see LA within the coming months.

What can one expect from a live DOAR show these days?
Chris: Chaos, haha! We’re all very excited to play the new material and are very energetic onstage. We have a lot of fun up there and hope the crowd enjoys the show as much as we do.

How close is DOAR to recording a full length album?
Chris: Very. We’ve been doing a lot of writing and pre-production lately. If everything goes as planned we’ll be able to enter the studio in just a few months.

Has there been any new label interest yet?
Chris: We’ve been talking casually to a few people. Obviously nothing we can confirm or announce at this time.

What’s up next for DOAR?
Nick: Hopefully to put out a great full length album and tour, tour, tour!!

Chris: Yes, a new full length and lots of touring at the very least! We’ve got some other fun surprises we’re in the middle of wrapping up too. Keep an eye out!

Any final words of wisdom?
Nick: Put down your phones kids! You’re missing the show!!!

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions!
Chris: Our pleasure! Thanks a lot for asking them, haha!

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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