Dokken and Se7en Reasons Why at The Rose

Don Dokken at The Rose

Don Dokken at The Rose

Dokken, Se7en Reasons Why, The Rose, November 26, 2016


A four day Thanksgiving weekend was a full swing, and the normally warm Southern California weather took a chilly turn on the outside – but The Rose in Pasadena would be heating up with an appearance by the almighty Dokken supported by one of L.A. most imaginative collectives –namely Se7en Reasons Why. Dokken are undisputed legends in the rock and roll field, with a vast collection of classic albums and memorable songs – many of which were played within the opulent walls of The Rose Theater. Opening with the hot and heavy refrains of Kiss Of Death from their Back For The Attack magnum opus, Dokken was on fire and had the crowd singing along to their many hits of the past. The Hunter and Dream Warriors were performed early on and really sent the room into sonic orbit. And what a treat it was to hear Dokken rarities from their CMC International days, including Maddest Hatter from Erase The Slate and Too High To Fly from Dysfunctional.

Don Dokken conveys a passion and depth in his vocals that bring the songs to an ultra-vivid life. Dokken co-founder Mick Brown drums with a ton of enthusiasm and conviction, and is always a lot of fun to watch. Also contributing to the Dokken modern day experience are Jon Levin on guitar and Chris McCarvill on bass, coloring in the glorious songs with vision and flair. When fan favorites In My Dreams and Tooth And Nail were unveiled at the end of the set, the excitement in the room was thunderous to behold. Be sure to catch Dokken the next time they rage into the Southland to rock your world with their trademark rock and roll artistry.

Mick Scott of Se7en Reasons Why

Mick Scott of Se7en Reasons Why

Se7en Reasons Why

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” warbled Se7en Reason’s Why’s delightfully unpredictable front man Mick Scott at the beginning of their show like an enchanted elf – but the solo caroling from Scott quickly flew south. “Fuck it!” Scott would finally retort, and Se7en Reasons Why would then burst into a fericiously wonderful rendition of Thunder Rollin’. One notices right away just how overtly manic and wickedly charismatic front man Mick Scott is – willing to the go the ends of the Earth (or at least trek all across The Rose nightclub) making sure everyone is having a ferociously good time. Scott is one of kind front man who really knows how to deliver a song in a vast and epic way.

When you can turn your away from the diabolic presense and good time antics of Mick Scott, there is so much to discover within the Se7en Reasons Why membership. Hiro Goto colors the songs in with imagination and flair on violin while Jason Stalk supplies a stunning wall of sound of guitar. Bassist Brek Tomey and drummer Jeffrey Shapiro devastate as the high flying, hard rocking rhythm section.

And then there’s the rip-roaring songs that are instantly memorable. Whisky Hotel is a wild and wondrous cow-punk anthem that make you want to check in to the nearest slam pit.  Living In The Now shows Se7en Reasons Why at their most enthusiastic and gripping, while World Gone Mad is a kaleidoscopic thrill ride that ended the set on a all-out rapturous note. One of the most mind blowing local bands currently playing in LA and beyond, Se7en Reasons Why is a blissfully original runaway train of auditory mayhem that is not to be missed!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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