The Unknown Pleasures of Dollface Divine

dollfacepicBased out of the Pittsburgh, PA area, Dollface Divine performs an exciting brand of Indie rock that is gaining the band a good deal of attention. Their EP 2Wenty4ourhours has just been re-released through Not Alone Records and they are on the verge of recording all new material. In addition, a few of the guys also appear in an ultra brutal metal band called Belie My Burial. We recently checked in with a few of the members to find out more about the unknown pleasures of Dollface Divine…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Dollface Divine, and how long the band has been together.
Wyatt Sheer: (W) I sing and play guitar in Dollface. We’ve been a band since 2004. We started our freshman year in high school when none of us knew how to play our instruments. It was our first band that was trying to do something. We started as a bad cover band and then we started playing our own music.
Tim Dutkovic (Duck): (T) I play bass in DD… what Wyatt said haha.
Ben Duty: (B) I’m Ben, I play guitar

Where is the band from and what is your local music scene like there?
W: We’re from Pittsburgh, PA. When we were first coming up the scene was a lot more diverse and a lot harder to make a statement in. PGH has always had a big Indie music following with a ton of great places to play. The scene is a lot different from most cities. We have a strong punk and hardcore DIY community along with some super talented Indie bands as well. There’s a certain pride and commitment to the PGH scene once your involved.

Is there any story or concept behind the EP title 2Wenty4ourhours?
W: Yes, 24 Hours comes from the band Joy Division. That band has been the largest influence on me. It’s more of a statement for what was behind the CD. It was the first time we had a serious recording. There weren’t any restrictions involved in the music we had to make.
T: I guess the album was just an outlet for us to feel better. We were all going through rough times and needed something fulfilling in our life, 24 Hours was definitely the skape-goat on what we were going through at the time… Being able to get our experiences out through that CD was an amazing feeling.
B: The concept behind Twenty Four Hours is that we are five young male studs living a “24 hour lifestyle”. It’s about living in the present.

How influenced are you by the works of Ian Curtis and Joy Division?
: When I first listened to JD (at the age of 13) it was the darkest and most sincere band I’ve ever heard. All I knew is that they were this old band from overseas in the 80s. Unknown Pleasures and Substance were two records that changed me as a writer and a person. They gave me the best gift that any band could give me. No one can express feeling better than Ian Curtis. He was amazing at being in the song and completing the song. All the great things you hear and feel when you listen to the band wouldn’t be possible without his vision.

Where did you come up with the ideas for some of the lyrics? Please cite two songs from the EP and what they are about.
: Oakland is about growing up in PGH and being young and adventurous and getting yourself in trouble. All the strange and weird feelings that our adolescence puts us through. May Last Forever is about young romance. It’s about building up someone in your head when in the end you find that reality always wins. Being disappointed when there was never much to it. It was an epic of a heartbreak song we could write.

Where did you shoot your video for May Last Forever and how long did it take?
: The video was shot on top of a nightclub in PGH. The performance shots were done in one day. The narrative shots were done the second day.

Have you played here in the Los Angeles / OC area and / or plan to do so or tour in the future?
W: We would love to. We have many friends there. Los Angeles is a great city. We’re planning to tour there ASAP.

Were you able to play any of the Warped Tour dates this year?
W: No, but some of the band mates were on the tour selling our CD’s at the Not Alone tent.

With many of the songs on 2Wenty4ourhours being over a year old, how close is your band to writing and recording all new material?
W: We have new songs and are writing a new CD now.
T: We went through a lineup change, got a new drummer. So we’re writing new material.
B: Now that we have a new solid drummer, we’re beginning to write new material for an upcoming release.

What is the average age of the band members, and are any of the guys still in school?
T: We’re all 20. None of us are in school.

A few of the members are also in Belie My Burial. What is the difference musical between the two bands?
W: BMB is our only serious side project that we’ve been working on. It’s heavy metal. Growing up in PGH definitely influenced us to start another project.
T: Dollface is more personal and incorporates more of our personal affairs. BMB is more of an expressive outlet for our general take on society and the world we live in today.

Would Dollface Divine and Belie My Burial ever want to play any shows together?
T: The first BMB show was with Dollface. We still play all the time. We actually got BMB started by adding us to the show.
W: We had a lot of support from the scene but we also had just as much ridicule. In the end we’re proud of both bands and are proud of what we’ve done with them. This has been our life since 9th grade. Our bands are what matters to us.

Any messages for those reading this article now who would like to check out Dollface Divine?
: Thanks for taking the time and supporting local/Indie music. Keep reading Highwire Daze to find out about great music. It’s a great source for independent music. I hope they sell the magazine in PGH someday. Sometimes you have to dig deeper than your TV and computer. Go out and support local bands.
T: Thanks for listening to us!
B: Thanks for taking the time to read about us. We’ll be in LA soon. Hide your daughters… and sons.

Interview by Kenneth Morton

Dollface Divine Myspace

Not Alone Records Myspace


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