Catching up with Doyle at The NAMM Show

DoyleNAMM_375x250Meeting Doyle at The NAMM Show 2014 in Anaheim was certainly an experience to never forget. I caught up with him after NAMM and had some questions for him relating to not only NAMM, but Misfits and other things as well.

Favorite moment at NAMM?
Leaving. I had social anxiety and started freaking out.

How was the tour with Danzig ?
Great. It’s fun. All of the accommodations are kick-ass. He brings the weights so I’m good there. We get great hotels, great food and we fuckin laugh the whole time. That’s the only time I laugh when I play show with those guys cause they’re fuckin clowns.

Any future plans with Danzig?
We have a show coming up, it hasn’t been announced yet, but I was asked and I said yes.

How is the solo project coming along with Dr Chud, Alex Story, and Graham Reaper?
It’s going great. We released Abominator last year and it’s my favorite album that I’ve played on. I wrote all of the music, and Alex wrote the vocals. We bought all of the equipment and recorded it ourselves.

You played some of your old Misfits tunes on the last tour for the fans, what is your personal favorite to jam out to on stage?
I don’t give a fuck. They’re all the same to me. I usually like the last one cause that means I’m done.

You have your own line of guitars with Oktober; any plans on releasing newer production models with them/implementing any new changes to the guitar itself or the hardware?
I’m gonna make some changes to them and make them even better. We got a couple of ideas that we are throwing around and we are gonna make them really nice.

How long did it take you to get the scary “Frankenstein” physique you are known for on stage? PS – The frankenstomp you did on tour every time you came out was awesome.
40 straight years.

Any behind the scenes stuff happening in 2014 that you’d like to share?
I haven’t been behind any scenes yet but there is some exciting news coming up.

Favorite era of the Misfits?
I don’t know. We played better shows in the Graves era, because it was more popular. You know, back in the Glenn era, in the beginning, we weren’t that popular. We didn’t really play to a lot of people all the time. We had a couple of good shows, but when we came back and played with Michale, we sold out everywhere, every night. They were both fun. It’s all the same. It’s like riding a bike.

Do you ever see yourself one day calling it quits being on the forefront of the horror rock genre?
I don’t know anything else.

What/who got you into music, and whats the best part about playing?
I got into music by watching the Misfits playing in my garage. I modeled what I did after Johnny Ramone. The best part is writing music. I like when you write the song and everybody likes it. It’s a really cool feeling when everybody goes crazy. You know it’s good. You know a good song when you hear it and when you write one, it’s awesome.

Last but not least, would you like to say anything to the fans out there?
Don’t steal music, if you’re going to get music online, pay for it. I do. If you steal it then we all gotta go get jobs, because you are stealing our product. If you can’t give somebody a dollar a song, you don’t deserve to listen to it.

(Review and Photo by Talia Farber)

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