The Almighty Denouncement Pyre Rises Again

dpyre2013After a scorching debut entitled World Cremation, Denouncement Pyre has risen again with a dynamic new magnum opus on Hell Headbangers.  Entitled Almighty Arcanum, the sonic metallic chaos to be found within is wondrous to behold!  Based out of Melbourbne, Australia, Denouncement Pyre has begun to play a good amount of shows, including an upcoming support slot with the legendary Obituary!   We recently interview founding member Decaylust to find out more about the intriguing mysteries surrounding Denouncement Pyre.  Read on and ye shall find…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Denouncement Pyre, and how long the project has been in existence?
D. here, guitars/vocals for DENOUNCEMENT PYRE. The band has been in existence since 2003, so this year we celebrate our 10th year, and all is doing well this far.

Where are you based out of and who are some of the local bands you could recommend?
We reside in Melbourne which has a long and reputable scene however most of the good bands have come and gone and are already well known through the underground & beyond. There’s not much new that is worth recommending, except for the new Nocturnal Graves album which will be out mid-2013. Nothing else comes to mind for the moment.

Is there any overcall story or concept behind the title Almighty Arcanum?
Almighty Arcanum is a concept album that delves deep in the mysteries and wisdom that surrounds the thought of ‘what lies beyond’. Here we are talking about the darkness the resides beyond human consciousness and the mundane world, where there lies an entrance or gateway to the shadow side of existence and where Chaotic energy dictates all that is, was and will be. The principal of this concept is that ‘All is One’, and how this interpenetrates into human consciousness and creates a path for those who can channel this energy to break from the prison like structure that keeps man as merely man.

Select two songs in particular from Almighty Arcanum and what inspired the lyrics.
All tracks on the album are related and comeback to that concept mentioned previously. What inspired all of the lyrics on this album is both this concept and its realisation in both practice and experience. Seek and ye shall find.

How does Almighty Arcanum compare to World Cremation?
I think Almighty Arcanum shows the natural evolution of the band and takes a step up in comparison to World Cremation and the material predating the first album. We knew this would be the case during the writing and recording stages as everything fell into place in a curious kind of way and we could sense that we were on the right path from the beginning. The song writing is a little more intricate this time around yet it remains catchy, while we have expanded on some of the ideas used previously with the use of melody, layered guitars, and an overall darker and colder atmosphere that I think better suited the themes and atmosphere we were going for.  I would say this is our defining release so far and if anyone asks what DENOUNCEMENT PYRE is about, this is the album I would want them to hear.

dpyrealmight1Who did the artwork for Almighty Arcanum and how much input did you have on it?
The front cover painting was created by Andrei Bouzikov who we have worked with previously whilst the design of the cover and all of the other artwork and imagery was created by me. We wanted there to be some correlation between the first album and Almighty Arcanum in terms of the layout and imagery and we achieved this I think. All of the artwork contained in the CD and LP booklets and layouts relates directly to the lyrics and atmosphere of the music and I created this myself to maintain total control over all aspects of the album that would represent the ideas we were putting into it. We are very satisfied with how all of it turned out.

How has your art and your passion for music and ideology changed over the last decade?
It has changed in the sense that we have evolved and have come to a better understanding of what we can do creatively to better channel and express the energy we want to convey. That only comes with experience. The foundation that this band was built on is still the same but we are better at expressing this now than in the past and I feel that shows in what we are creating.  If anything the hunger has only grown stronger. I guess if our passion for music and our personal beliefs were to become of lesser importance in our lives at any point in time then it will be time to find a different path…

What was it like performing live again at the Evil Invaders Festival and do you plan to do more shows in the future?
Evil Invaders is a killer festival and last years was the second time we have taken part. We were fortune to join a killer line-up at this fest including Inquisition, Vomitor, Hobbs Angel of Death and a heap more. Its one of the only opportunities in Australia to both witness and perform with such a strong line-up. We have a bunch of shows planned for 2013 including the Almighty Arcanum album launch here in Melbourne, Desecration of the Capital Fest in New Zealand, a show here in Melbourne with Obituary (U.S), plus gigs in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide over the next few months.

Are you still involved with Hunters Moon or any other bands at the moment? If so, what are the future plans for your other bands?
We are just finishing up the new Nocturnal Graves album at the moment which will be released around mid-year. Both L. (drums) and I were involved in this recording plus we are doing a few shows with Nocturnal Graves also. Hunters Moon is currently on hold. I believe there is an album worth of material that is written and I have heard some demo’s for this which is a bit different to the past mini-LP, but I have no news on when this will eventuate.

If Denouncement Pyre was invited to participate on a Bathory Tribute album, what song would you want to contribute and why?
A Fine Day to Die – the ultimate song.

What’s up next for Denouncement Pyre?
As mentioned we will hit the stage for the remainder of 2013 with a few gigs planned & more in the works. We will visit most states of Australia that are worth visiting for various shows & festivals plus a festival appearance in New Zealand.

Any final words of wisdom?
Worship Daath. Hail Darkness.

(Interview by Kenneth Morton)

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