Massacre Records signs Dreadlink

The history of DREADLINK began in 2009, when five experienced musicians decided to form a band, which soon became more than a band. It became a philosophy.

DREADLINK is authentic and deep and sounds more like an engine running rough than a conventional metal band. The band switches from brutal groovy passages to melodic melancholic parts, that will still crawl under your skin even if you’ve heard it a thousand times.

Good songwriting and songs with a high recognition value are really important to DREADLINK. They don’t focus on technical finesses – because the song itself is the most important thing.

DREADLINK’s a philosophy a lot of people should participate in.

Klas Mossakowski – Drums, Samples
Jannes Carstens-Behrens – Lead Guitar
Sascha Brüggert – Rhythm Guitar
Timo Herrmann – Bass Guitar
Raphael Adamek – Vocals


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