What Will Become Of Us by DreamScar (Self-released)

When so many bands of today copying whatever the current trend may be, it is beyond exciting to encounter a visionary collective like DreamScar taking on the music industry on their own terms. Based out of the thriving Las Vegas music scene, superficial comparisons to Slipknot and Marilyn Manson don’t even begin to do justice to the cinematic heaviness DreamScar has in store for the audience at large.  One finds the intensity of European metal acts such as In Flames and even Dimmu Borgir, and at other times there is a strong sense of melody that will surely remain within a listener’s head for ages to come.  What Will Become Of Us is DreamScar’s third full-length magnum opus, a dazzling collection of 11 songs showing a resourceful band at the very height of their creative prowess.

The metallic assault force begins with Pushed Away, where the vocalist Patrick Crisci screams in menacing tones lyrics such as “I’m so sick of everything, I wish I could change all of this” and “I’m at the edge of my nerves” before merging into the melodic clean vocal chorus that is sure to hook the listener in for even more DreamScar devastations ahead.  Falling Apart furthers the musical journey of coming completely unhinged with a relationship ended on disastrous terms. The spooky fun then slams into high gear horror rock when the mighty Zombie Whore is unleashed. This track would make for a scandalously terrific video.

DREAMSCAR 2012 Photo Copyright: Gerald Fill - Lucky Stars Media (Las Vegas, NV)

See Your Fear is intensive and dramatic with supreme musicianship and sonic dynamics throughout. Not Listening Anymore is a super effective metal duet where rage is the name of the game, featuring former DreamScar co-vocalist Danielle Schrudder leaving a lasting impression. The thrilling progressive strains of the Overture then collides into the sweeping force of the title cut What Will Become Of Us.

If You Were Real is haunting and ominous, with emotionally charged vocals, chilling keyboards, and pulsating drums rendering this one a standout. Where She Belongs is harsh and cathartic, followed by the prevailing sense of urgency conveyed within the remarkable Open Your Eyes. What Will Become Of Us concludes with the striking Let Me Be, containing a compelling sonic spectacle and unease that is near mesmerizing. “You can’t bring me down or beat me to the ground” is the explosive reprieve, following by some grand guitar heroics that leave the listener reveling in a moment of personal triumph.

The artists involved within DreamScar weave their own magic and wonder throughout the proceedings, making for an exciting tapestry of sound. The musicianship is first rate and imaginative, consisting of the charismatic Patrick Crisci on vocals, Harvey Thibault on guitar, Cody Barnett on guitar, Marissa Rusch’s superb work on keys and synth, Justin Williams on bass, and Trent Gouveia on drums. The third time is the definite charm here, as DreamScar has discovered a thoroughly compelling dynamic that should gain the band notice well beyond the infamous City Of Sin. Moody, at times gravely solemn yet ultimately inspiring, What Will Become Of Us by DreamScar is an earthshaking reverie well worth checking into.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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