Drift Stage, Vol. 1 by Hugh Myrone (Self-Released)

hugh-myrone-coverDrift Stage, Vol. 1 by Hugh Myrone (Self-Released)

A few decades back Tom Cruise was being cocky and flying jets, Michael J. Fox was chasing fortune and fame and Supergirl too, Jean-Claude Van Damme was kicking ass, Eddie Murphy was cool, kids were stuck in Saturday detention and mannequins came to life. Whether it was an action movie or romantic comedy or a radio hit, synthesizers and drum machines were the sound of the 80’s. Hugh Myrone is a twenty-something that looks like he hangs outside the convenience store with his silent friend, talking shit about comic books or video games or how awesome Eddie Van Halen and Joe Satriani are.   Drift Stage, Vol. 1 is the soundtrack to a video game but by itself is the soundtrack to an 80’s that is still very much here.

The album begins with the Drift Stage Theme where Myrone crafts an audio accompaniment to a high-flying action sequence or a montage of the hero getting the band back together for one last mission, throwing in the odd drum’n’bass clatter or dub bass, to remind you this isn’t simply an homage but a celebration.  Applied Dynamics follows, slowing the proceedings down yet still keeping the mood light and hopeful, the addition of the female “bah bah ba da da” vocals and keyboard riffing putting a smile on your face.  Main Theme could be a love song with its funky chunky beat and swerving synths and bluesy guitars.  Zadok is a hard-driving track that will get your head-banging and recalls a revved up Satriani before he started to sing but with extra keyboards. Clear Eyes Clear Skies will get stuck in your head with its catchy guitar melodies, lifting your spirits when you need it.

Myrone is a genius and a shredder on guitar, yet his enthusiasm and fast-fingers keep Drift Stage from being too cheesy.  Along with all the musicians out there remixing the horror and sci-fi movie sounds into their own techno style, Hugh Myrone adds his own spin on nostalgia with his amazing guitar and keyboard skills, helping us to party on through a new century.

Hugh Myrone is also featured in Snaked.  Year of the Snake is an album of guitars, samples and banging beats, as well as has many mashups and tracks on Soundcloud, most of which you can download for free.

(Reviewby Bret Miller)

Clear Eyes Clear Skies video
NAMM guitar clinic


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