DESIGN THE SKYLINE Gives Track-By-Track Analysis of Album in New Video

The group that sparked a viral sensation with their music video recently took the time to open up about their new album, Nevaeh, out August 16th. This 5-minute track-by-track analysis video touches on DESIGN THE SKYLINE’s personal connections with the songs on the album, which song was written to address the enormous, widespread reaction of the band and a whole lot more.

For the first time, DESIGN THE SKYLINE chat about their empowerment through writing, going in-depth into the personal process of concocting technically challenging metal and atmospheric, electronic elements into an album brimming with undeniably powerful music.

Watch DESIGN THE SKYLINE’s Track-By-Track Discussion of Nevaeh here.

Pre-order Nevaeh, out August 16th, at the Victory Records Webstore.

For more information on DESIGN THE SKYLINE:


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