Design The Skyline, Amyst, Visions Of Rome at the Cobalt Cafe

Design The Skyline, Amyst, Visions Of Rome, Cobalt Café, August 23, 2012

Upon their being signed to Victory Records last year, Design The Skyline received an unprecedented amount of scorn on Facebook and other online outlets. The band had a lot to prove – and many of the doubters were silenced by the time Design The Skyline’s debut CD Nevaeh arrived exactly one year ago. Incessant touring has acquired the band a good deal of fans.

And although some haters simply will not be silenced, the only kind of audience that arrived to see Design The Skyline at the Cobalt on a Wednesday night was a supportive and enthusiastic one.

On tour with Amyst in support (Silence The Messenger dropped off due to van problems), Design The Skyline was more than ready to rain a punishing wall of sound on the venerable Canoga Park establishment.


There were several local opening acts that jumped on the show, intrigued by the opportunity to open for Design The Skyline. Highwire Daze caught up with Visions Of Rome, the band who went on right before the touring package. With their flashy looks and the fiery music to back it up, Vision Of Rome was the perfect opener for this particular touring act – perhaps Design The Skyline should consider taking them on the road in the near future. Songs such as I Monstrosity, Distant Worlds Different Discoveries, and Atlas definitely left a lasting impression on the audience, and the pit responded to the thunderous breakdowns the band unleashed. The resourceful Visions Of Rome collective consists of Auburn Breschini on screams, Grant Horn on drums and clean vocals, Nikky Axrot on keyboards, Anthony Mendoza on guitar, Matthew Urie on guitar, and Tony Reed on bass. Currently in the process of recording an EP with Blue Noose Records, it will be exciting to hear and witness what Visions Of Rome has in store for everyone in the future. Definitely a local band to keep your eyes on!


Amyst is a dynamic post hardcore band from Philadelphia proving that you do not need a record label in order to tour and acquire fans from all across the country. During their set at the Cobalt, several people by the stage were singing along to their favorite Amyst tunes. The band is fronted by two brothers – Pavlo Fenik who does the soaring clean vocals and some screams, and Vasil Fenik who really lets loose on the lead screams. Their single Fall Asleep Under The Sky was a definite crowd pleaser, with both Fenik’s at their most impassioned vocally. The other members within Amyst making a lasting impression included Bob Ash on guitar, Jesse Meiring on drums, and Scott Pips on bass. Their music is self-described as “The sound of animals escaping their cages” – an apt portrayal for a collective who place so much emotion and fury into their live performance. And again, the pit definitely showed its chaotic appreciation when the breakdowns arrived in full on force.


It was now time for Design The Skyline to take over the stage, and the band definitely blew away the crowd at hand with their own take on the experimental and the extreme. Being on the road consistently has made the band into a sonic force of nature, and they spewed forth a set consisting of old favorites as well as a few new songs. Break Free From Your Life was one of the newer tunes unleashed at the Cobalt, showing Design The Skyline going into even heavier, yet more ambitious territory. Tracks from Nevaeh definitely were expanded upon within a live setting, with many in the crowd banging their heads to the varied beats. The synth work of James Lemos aka Keebler was especially noteworthy, weaving hypnotically through the sonic devastation. Dual vocalist Eric Azure and Dani Doom were impressive and welcoming, showing the SFV fans a good deal of respect – and the feeling was clearly mutual. The dual axe work of Matt Ryan on lead guitar and Julian Reckless on rhythm guitar made for a monstrous wall of sound. The rhythm section was an angry beast ready to strike out at any given moment, courtesy of bassist Dean-o Ram and newest member John 2.0 on drums. Whether or not Design The Skyline tame the cynics remains to be seen, but the energy, passion and precision they place into their live show definitely speaks volumes about their commitment to their craft and their fans.


And thus ended another glorious late summer night at the Cobalt Café. Presented by John McCrary and Two Hearts Promotions.

(Review and Photos by Kenneth Morton)

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