Earth From Above


Based out of the Los Angeles area, Earth From Above is an extreme metal band that we’ll be hearing a hell of a lot more from in the future. Numbered With The Transgressors is their debut recording for Strike First Records, and the sheer brutality found within is sure to garner them a tremendous amount of attention and respect. With lyrics containing spiritual leanings combined with an all-out sonic assault to the senses, fans of everyone from All Shall Perish to Impending Doom are sure to mosh it up when Earth From Above takes the show on the road.

After a brief intro of Redeemer: Greater Love, the disc kicks into high gear with Burials, clearly demonstrating that the band is serious about both the teachings of Christ and kicking your ass into oblivion with their deathcore extremities. The title track is pummeling and a definitive standout. An Abstract Struggle is mighty and anthem-like while closing cut The Antidote is absolutely devastating in it’s blistering approach. If the superb musicianship doesn’t grind you down, then the impassioned dual-vocal delivery is sure to win the listener over.

Numbered With The Transgressors is an absolute triumph and should be heard by all who want to witness the very best that the Southern California deathcore scene has to offer. It will be very exciting to see where this band is a year from now.

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