Catching up with Noah of Echosmith

Echo Smith_600x450Catching up with Noah of Echosmith

I got a chance to catch up with Noah, who plays bass, from the band Echosmith for a brief chat at the Vans Warped Tour in San Diego on how things were going and to talk about some of the beginning experiences the band have been enduring…

Your band has a very unique sound and if you could describe it how would you describe it?
I call it for sure very melodic. I think every single instrument in it plays a lot of melodies. We have a lot of different influence whether it’s like 80s, new wave stuff, or like modern or world music. There’s a bunch of different kind of things. But I guess alternative would be a good stamp to throw on that.

So I went to your Can Drive at Warner Brothers in December of 2013. And I thought that was a very great cause. Are there other causes that you guys support besides that one?
It all depends. Right now, we’re working with Music Saves Lives and they work like blood donors. We’re working at that and getting people to donate blood. Also we’re working with the National High right now, which is about living your life to the fullest and they’re pretty new and a drug-free life and all that kind of living. So there’s all sorts of things and those are the two right now we’re working with at the moment.

Your food drive, you guys did a very nice acoustic set for that, did that help you guys make what your EP is now?
Well, all our songs we wrote them all acoustic with acoustic instruments, Almost every single one that were on the record. And yeah it was called EAD EP and we have two acoustic sets. Everyone always asks us, “Make an acoustic EP or make an acoustic record.” And finally we had the time. We had like two weeks off at home and we spend our time off working, so it’s pretty fun.

echosmithwarpedjl5_3You’ve done some very unique shows. Did you guys like playing at South by Southwest? That must have been pretty intense for a new band coming through a heavy market and just jamming it through many different sets during that time period. How did that go for you guys?
That was the first time we’d ever been. We’d never played it before and I think we played like nine or 10 shows the whole week. And it was amazing. We were really honored we got to play. We got to play for MTV. We loved it. It was such a crazy week. There’s so many people and they’re amazing shows. It was a week to remember for sure.

Speaking of thing to remember, you guys appeared on Conan O’Brien and I was wondering what you guys think of having all those cameras and bright lights?
Well, it was an amazing experience. Conan was the nicest guy, but the entire crew was classy too. You can always tell someone is a good, good guy when their crew is amazing. And everyone there was amazing and kind and worked really hard. It was our first late night show we’ve ever done. It was very nerve-wracking for sure. Obviously, we’ve never done anything like that before and we don’t know how it turned out and one chance to do the song and hopefully we wouldn’t screw it up. We ended up doing okay and we know we played the song right and people seemed to dig it and he was super cool after he talked and he seemed to dig the song and our music and stuff. So it was a really good time.

Come With Me is a very artistic video. How did that came about for the stop-action and how long was that really worked on?
We wrote the song and then a lot of times when we write songs you think of like visual things along with it. And so, we found this company that makes videos like that with a little like toys and makes slow-motion things and we found them and with the label, we talked to them to figure out what we like would want to do. And it took a few weeks for sure. I think there’s a whole behind the scenes video on YouTube that people can check out. It probably says behind the scenes Come With Me Echosmith. I love that video. I’m very proud of it. I think it really gets the message of the song as well. It’s super fun. I think the fans really dig it too.

noahecho11Are you guys get done to where you guys are going to go work on a new album, and if so do you know when that might be coming out?
I think we’ll just continue touring off this album; we’re constantly writing for sure. And that’s just kind of who we are really. We’re songwriters and we’re musicians. So, altogether, we’re writing songs and separately we’re writing songs. We’re trying to slowly get ready for that, but right now we’re focusing on doing shows and we’re working on a fall tour right now and will be announced pretty soon I think, so it should be good.

With their current single Cool Kids selling over a million copies, Echosmith are getting ready for a big headlining tour starting this coming late fall. So go catch them on the road and get to know the band, Echosmith, some more. Noah is just one out of the four siblings of this family of brothers and a sister group. Thanks to Noah and to Warner Brothers Records for setting this interview up.

(Interview and Candid Photo by Jonathan D, Wright – Live Photos by Jack Lue)

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