Eddie Money at The Canyon Club

Eddie Money rocking The Canyon Club

Eddie Money rocking The Canyon Club

Eddie Money, Dez and The Faze, The Canyon Club, January 29, 2016

A packed to the rafters room had multiple tickets to paradise on a Friday night, as Eddie Money and band were bringing the rock and roll party extravaganza to The Canyon Club in the wilds of Agoura Hills. There was an epic sense of excitement in the air as the packed to capacity crowd awaited the arrival of one of the true legends of rock.

So many timeless songs and memories from the past were about to be brought to an ultra-vivid live in this modern day – and it is wonderful to report that Mr. Money still sings with a thrilling amount of passion and conviction. But let’s now go to the beginning of the event, when Eddie Money took to the stage to introduce his son’s band Dez & The Faze. That’s right! The night would be a family affair, with a ton of talent exuding from a trio of Money siblings.

Dez Mpney opening the show

Dez Money and The Faze opening the show

Dez Money has a sound and presence all his own, and the impressive material to back it all up. Performing songs from his debut full-length recording Take Me Down, Dez instantly captivated the audience with his expressive voice and wondrously memorable songs. Tunes such as No Good For You, Out Of Control, and Let’s Get Outta Here left lasting impressions – and the title track from the album Take Me Down was a sweeping power ballad with a whole lot of heart and hit single potential. Another grand moment within the set was the emotionally charged Another Try, once again showing just how effective the young Money is as a front man. Also participating within Dez and The Faze were his sister Jesse doing backing vocals and younger brother Julian, looking too cool in shades keeping the solid beats on drums. And if you could not get enough of the trio of Moneys as an opening act, have no worries, as they all were in their famous dad’s band as well!

Eddie Money took to the stage, opening the set with the massive hit single Baby Hold On, instantly enrapturing the crowd! Although daughter Jesse mainly did backing vocals in Dez’ band, she had a whole lot more going on with with her iconic father! Exchanging humorous banter and maybe even some bad jokes with dear old dad – not only did we have classic rock and roll songs shared by father and daughter, but an endearing comedy team in the making as well. The hits just kept on shining through, with selections such as Wanna Be A Rock N Roll Star, We Should Be Sleeping and No Control reverberating throughout the room. A truly heartfelt highlight was when Eddie Money performed One More Soldier Coming Home, dedicated to our troops serving all over the world.

The Moneys rocking The Canyon Club

The Moneys rocking The Canyon Club

At this point of the show, Eddie Money brought a very special guest on the stage – renowned guitar Waddy Wachtel, who has worked with everyone from Linda Ronstadt to Keith Richards. Wachtel lent his considerable skills to You Really Got A Hold Of Me, clearly showing why he is one of the most in demand session musicians on the planet. A visit to Trinidad would ensure followed by the superbly infectious refrains of Gimme Water. Money’s mischievous personality and solid showmanship really stood out, and what a treat it was to see the singer surrounded by family and friends, presenting to the Canyon Club attendees the show of a lifetime.

For the grand finale, Wachtel was invited back onstage, and the venue literally exploded when Money and band launched into the exhilarating refrains of Two Tickets To Paradise – and that was quickly followed up by the MTV classic Shakin’. And as the audience filed out after a thrilling night of entertainment, many (like this reviewer) found Eddie Money songs buzzing away in their brains even days after the show spun to its spiraling conclusion. The Canyon Club may always be counted upon to bring out the very best in rock and roll, and Eddie Money was the golden ticket not to be missed! Be sure to catch Money family the very next time they show up to rock and shake your town!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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