Demo 2009 by Eden (Self-released)

From the city that brought the world several brands of beer, Harley Davidsons and the Milwaukee Metalfest arrives a young collective that goes by the name of Eden. While most bands their age attempt to copy whatever the current trend is, Eden is out to create one of their very own – it’s called “doompop” and it’s certainly an interesting concept that should intrigue many to investigate what these young musicians have to offer.

On the three demo tracks contained within, one could easily hear the passion and conviction Eden places into their music. 1159 is a grand rocking anthem that should really gain the band attention with its wondrous melodies and dynamic sense of lyrical urgency. Starlight Drive is haunting and ominous in scope, while rocking the listener with its infectious choruses. The real stunner is Once Illuminated, featuring beautifully impassioned vocals by Matt Lidwin and a subtle yet effective acoustic guitar accompaniment. The trio of songs featured are creative and memorable, leaving one wanting to hear a whole lot more.

The talented Eden lineup consists of the aforementioned Matt Lidwin on vocals, Kevin Organ on guitar, Keith Robie on bass, and Steve Wolf on drums. They’ve already appeared at well-known venues in Milwaukee such as The Rave and The Miramar and are beginning to become noticed beyond the Midwest due to their Myspace presence. They may call it doompop, but the future looks bright and rosy for the artistic guys in Eden.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

(Photo by Dylon Schroeder)

Eden on Myspace

  1. jairo 9 years ago

    fuck yeah, about time they get some recognition.

  2. KAYluhhkRUSH!! 9 years ago

    sweet deal! im so proud. haha lol

  3. darrFRESH 9 years ago

    Yeah son, nice work.

  4. Wavis 9 years ago

    Hey do you need a manager? Awesome you guys you deserve it big time 🙂

  5. Matt from eden 9 years ago

    Hey wavis yeah we could really use one:) hit us up on Myspace.com/edenwi

    also I would like to thank everyones comments so far on here and Ken for doing this for us! You all are awesome!

  6. KelseyCatsPajamas 9 years ago

    WOOHOO thats my brother & his buddies up there 😀

  7. v 9 years ago

    doom pop? are you kidding me?! this is just another run of the mill emo band.
    a real example of doom pop:

  8. Matt 9 years ago

    Heyy umm I checked out your music,of you had any clue what doompop is it would be the band EDEN. Doom would be the darker influence on our rock music like black sabbath HIM cof the 69 eyes, and our popper side would be emery,the academy is,forever the sickest kids. That kid of stuff is what we combine to get OUR sound. That’s fine claim your music as doompop it doesn’t bother us but it’s pretty sad to see a band that’s not going anywhere get pissed at a band of highschool kids with actuall talent and going places. Sorry but doom is doom and pop is pop and I don’t hear any of that in your music. I could care less that you call us emo,were doing what we love doing and it’s def not emo haha. The lyrics are a bit emotional but aren’t lyrics supposed to be.or atleast have something with meaning. I sing from my heart and what I’ve been through I don’t talk about cutting my wrists or killing myself. just the bittersweet love I’ve been in. For you to come on here a talk bad about us is pretty low of you for whover member did. Grow up,were doompop,get over it,and leave something worthwhile to read.

    Doompop action right here errrone;)-matt from EDEN

    thanks for all the positive coments everyone you all are awesome and Ken you rock along with everyone else at highwiredaze


  9. Sherri Anne 9 years ago

    Keep up the wonderful tunes guys! You are all very talented! I look forward to your debut full length recording.

    And once again, kudos to Highwire Daze for bringing us the best in signed and unsigned bands! You guys have a real ear for music. Maybe y’all should start a record label.

    Much love, Sherri Anne

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