Escape The Fate

SELF-TITLED by ESCAPE THE FATE (Interscope Records)

In the year 2010, Escape The Fate now finds themselves on a major label, releasing their third album that is simply self-titled. Well there has never been anything simple about Escape The Fate, from the antics of their notorious ex-vocalist to the over the top personalities from the current membership – on and off the stage. The third time is the charm here though, as the new Escape The Fate music stand above anything they have ever recorded.

While the trademark Escape The Fate attitude and super infectious tunes are still apparent, there’s a universal appeal to the songs that should find music fans from many walks of life taking notice. There is plenty to celebrate on what is certainly a solid collection of songs – many which may find their way onto radio airwaves all across the country – if not the world.

After the opening introduction entitled Chose Your Fate, the disc jumps into supersonic high gear with the thrilling sounds of Massacre – instantly showing how wildly diverse and subversive the Escape The Fate musical experience can be. Starting off with growled metal vocalizations and then delving into a rock and roll anthem territory, there’s even a killer breakdown in the middle guaranteed to ignite mosh pits. A raging guitar solo also commences, making this track an explosive beginning to be sure.

Issues is up next – a catchy slab of rock and roll that is already being played on KROQ. Accompanied by a rather spooky video, this tune possesses a ton of hit single potential. Zombie Dance continues on with the haunting pop and roll reveries, complete with a beat that will make you want to tap your toes and shake that booty to lyrics such as, “We’re already dead” and “It’s like a dead masquerade so come and dance with me.”

Gorgeous Nightmare is definitely a standout and sounds like another hit single in the making. Shades of Mötley Crüe abound on this one, featuring a fierce vocal performance by Craig Mabbitt. Even sexier than their signature song Situations, the rockin’ Gorgeous Nightmare is bound to become a crowd favorite when performed live.

Come on, come on, shake your money maker,” sings Mabbitt in the wild and wonderful City Of Sin, a song that is a rowdy tribute to their hometown. With the playful keyboard interludes, backing gang vocals, and guitar hero sections, City Of Sin will make you want to dive headfirst into the nearest dance floor and party hardy it up big time.

Day Of Wreckoning features intensive vocals and driving rhythms, mixing metal and glam with a fiery vengeance. And then there’s Lost In Darkness, a haunting track that should really affect the gothic, more alienated faction of Escape The Fate fans. The aptly titled Prepare Your Weapons is a mighty blast that should get more than a few heads banging.

The biggest and most glorious surprise on the album is World Around Me – a power ballad featuring a moving vocal by Craig Mabbitt. The entire track is well arranged, with dazzling keyboard work and a wailing guitar solo that is wondrous to behold.

The disc closes on a mesmerizing note with The Aftermath (The Guillotine Part III), featuring progressive axe work, a tighter than hell rhythm section, and infinitely impassioned vocals. A brilliant grand finale showing each member at their very best.

The production of the album is superb, delivered with a skilled precision by Don Gilmore, who has worked magic for bands such as Bullet For My Valentine and Linkin Park. Monte Bryan Money shines like a million dollars on guitar while Max Green on bass and Robert Ortiz on drums are the rhythm section to be reckoned with. And vocalist Craig Mabbitt delivers his finest performance to date on this Escape The Fate record, presenting a passion and diversity that has eclipsed the various projects he has done in the past. A fully realized effort that should thoroughly impress their current fan base and gain the Sin City collective a whole new set of musical converts.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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  1. Fabian 8 years ago

    Are we talking about the same CD i heard?
    The production might be better than their last 2 discs but…there’s nothing i liked about this cd…NOTHING, it was like hearing just another default band from the garbage scene, there’s nothing new. its just a bunch of 5ths and cheap melodies. Sorry to say it like that but that’s what i heard.
    there’s nothing left of Escape the Fate in the -Ironically- Escape the Fate CD.
    Well,it’s sad to hear that one of your -not favourite but one of the bands you like- changes so much in so little amount of time.
    Some will find this cd the best they’ve done so far. That’s good,everyone has his own opinions,this is just mine.
    That’s about it.

  2. That Guy lol 8 years ago

    THe review seems about on the “Imma hype this band up.” kinda side. Now don’t get me wrong I love ETF from when they first came out. In my opinion I would say that this album is a show of what they are going to change into, I mean when members change the band kinda changes. I am kinda disappointed about the lack of heaviness in some songs but I guess it’s one of those wait and see kinda things. And I kinda agree with Fabian haha.

  3. alex 8 years ago

    great review, but horrible commenters or warever you call them, dude, this is a great album and i’d say that about all their albums, i love etf, and if this is bad like the first commenter said, then justin bieber might as well be amazing! (sarcastic, duh, jb sucks) compared to wat kind of music is being liked (lady gaga, taylor swift, justin bieber, etc..) these days this album is even more amazing. stop the hate dude, ya dont like it, go listen to somethin else. escape the hate. COOKIES;D!!

  4. damien 8 years ago

    agreed. the album is brilliant. i don’t see why people are so cut up about it.. the instruments are played much, much better (monte is brilliant) and craigs vocals are among the best i’ve heard. quality album.. people need to relax and enjoy the awesome songs. they’re all winners

  5. bianca 7 years ago

    i agree with alex and damien =D, escape the fate is the awesomest band that i have ever heard =], why didn’t i find this band earlier T_T? even though i haven’t listened to their other two CD’s, i know that the albums are awesome. ESCAPE THE FATE, KEEP ON ROCKIN’!

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