Electric Six

electricsixKILL by ELECTRIC SIX (Metropolis Records)

If punk rock, heavy guitar, hip hop, dance and r & b get thrown together you could find what the music is like for this bands newest and 6th release. Like their first album Fire, Kill takes you back to the usage of fuzzy heavy guitars and dance beats. But now it’s a bit more matured sounding with heavier guitars and real drums. The lyrical word Kill just like Fire when it was used, is in a lot of the songs. Lead vocalist Dick Valentine extracts to his listeners falsetto bellowing humorous vocals which is his trademark and it seems to work well this time around as well. There is though an anthem rock hit on this release called Escape From Ohio. It’s a more pop song and it would make for a great video if the state would allow it to be filmed there. Other songs to take notice too this time also are Egyptian Cowboys, White Eyes and opener Body Shot. Watch out, you might even want to get up and dance to this record. (Jonathan D. Wright)


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