Electric Six

xuv4_TinyE6Mustang by Electric Six (Metropolis Records)

Electric Six is a band from Detroit. It is comprised of six members.  Whether it be a Mustang as in a car showing off or as a Mustang horse, this is all about The Male ego and how he struts it. It’s these six guys that have found their wild horse oats and are letting all their hair down to rock it out with. The result from doing this right now is Electric Six’s ninth studio album. This new release is kind of in the style of T – Rex back in the 70’s. The pop sound of the cool song of Show Me What Your Lights Mean gives you the more simple side of the band. Away from the synth sound as usual, Electric Six have brought forward their guitars, their drums, and some curdling screams for this project. Interesting enough, trying not to sound redundant either, comes the funk style song of Late Night Obama Food. Personally I find the song The New Shampoo to stick out being a catchy tune but it shows off the bands humor as well. On a more serious note musically and artistic is Iron Dragon. Listen closely and you find that in the outro of Iron Dragon is a choral squad comprised of all six males of Electric Six, but also singing along side are several Russian females. This song was also recorded in Russia as well!  The band shows us it’s complicated and artistic side this time around and what a treat it is.

(Review by Jonathan D. Wright)

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