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Elephant In The Room EP by These Hearts (Victory Records)

Based out of Fargo, North Dakota, These Hearts is one of the fast rising stars on the Victory Records roster of the talent. Perfectly mixing hardcore melodies with super catchy pop punk inflections, These Hearts has captured the imagination of fans all across the nation with their debut full length entitled Forever Ended Yesterday. And now a follow-up has been issued entitled Elephant In The Room, an EP featuring new songs, a re-recorded favorite, as well as acoustic tracks showing just how musically diverse this collective is.

First up is a dynamic powerhouse cut entitled The Inconvenience, where the lyrics scream, “How does it feel to play God for a day?” with a raging, all-out vengeance. This one will definitely grab the listener by throat, while clearly demonstrating both the heavy sides as well as infectious choruses that has made These Hearts so endearing to many a musical type.

Denial Is A River In Egypt is then up next – twice. First as a re-recorded track completed exclusively for their rambunctious video, this particular cut should be play all over the radio airwaves! And then what follows is an acoustic interpretation of the song that is absolutely inspired. “What did you want at four in the morning?” is one of the most striking choruses of the year and beyond. “Don’t speak to soon, there’s an elephant in the room,” the song continues, the inspiration for the clever title and humorous illustration of this digital EP.

Brace yourself for the heartfelt final tracks – both dealing with loss, rendered even more effective when performed acoustic. This version of Live To The Point Of No Return is even more poignant than the original on Forever Ended Yesterday. And then the final cut His Angel Back is heartbreaking and yet ultimately inspiring in its emotional delivery about dealing with cancer and mortality.  Even the most cynical should expect to shed a tear or more when hearing these two gripping songs back to back.

Ryan Saunders definitely demonstrates how wonderfully effective of a vocalist he is, whether screaming ferociously on the full band tracks or singing tenderly on the acoustic songs. Daryl Van Beek and Kyle Colby share the guitar duties, sounding persuasive in even the quietest of moments. The rhythm section remains tight as always, courtesy of Tyler Rice on bass and Isaiah Folk on drums.

Available only as an exclusive digital release, Elephant In The Room is a short yet very sweet collection of songs that should not only garner the band a good deal of new fans, but excite those who are waiting for a new These Hearts full-length to arrive.

Be sure to catch These Hearts on tour September 7 through September 29 with Broadway and Us, From Outside.

(Review by Kenneth Morton)

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